Watches, Stories, & Gear: A Porsche GTR 3 for Rennsport, the Greatest Concert Film Ever Made, and a New Night Stage from Autodromo

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Porsche Reveals 911 GT3 R for Rennsport Reunion

This year marked the 22nd year of the Rennsport reunion, a gathering of Porsche enthusiasts to honor the brand’s motorsport traditions and show off their latest projects. This time around was a bit different than usual, including the reveal of a bonkers new GT3 R concept, designed purely for enthusiasts, and not around any racing regulatory framework. Porsche has been known to do such things, though rarely do they turn into an edition that you can purchase (theoretically). 77 examples of the GT3 R Rennsport will be produced, each will cost about a million bucks. The car itself gets a 611 horsepower naturally aspirated flat 6 that will rev out to a glorious 9,400 rpm redline. It’s everything we love about extreme 911s in one radical package. Read more about it here.


An Oral History of the Greatest Concert Film Ever Made

Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense is back in theaters, and the nearly 40 year old film is reaching an entirely new audience. It’s often called the greatest concert film ever made, and seeing it projected onto a giant IMAX screen with a fully remastered soundtrack really drives home why. There’s a cinematic quality to the staging and production that really only becomes clear in, well, the cinema. It’s hard to get the same impression in YouTube clips. In this Ringer oral history, the people who made it recall what made Stop Making Sense special in 1984, and why it endures.

Autodromo Quietly Launches a New Night Stage

Autodromo has created a true cult object with the Group B Night Stage series, and Bradley Price has expanded that world in a very limited way with his latest release. Flying way under the radar, and limited to just over 40 pieces, the new Group B Night Stage chronograph brings that late night 80s energy to the still relatively new chrono platform. This variant is missing the distinctive grid pattern from prior releases, but maintains that electric shock of color you’d expect, as well as the great bracelet we’ve loved on these watches from the start. Check out the full specs here.

Julia Fox Sits Down with the New Yorker

Julia Fox burst into the public consciousness right around the time she appeared in Uncut Gems, the dark comedy/exercise in anxiety induction directed by the Safdie Brothers and starring Adam Sandler. It was a memorable performance, and the Safdies always claimed that the character was inspired by Julia herself, adding layers of complexity to not just the film, but Julia’s public persona. In the years since, Fox has evolved into a new type of It-girl, well aware of her fame and status, and commenting on it directly and indirectly with her very presence in the pop culture landscape. Now she has a new book, and is interviewed in the New Yorker, and the latter is definitely worth a read for anyone who remains curious about the enigmatic movie star, fashion designer, podcast host, and, now, writer.

New Lenses from Laowa Promise Microscopy on a Budget

If you’re at all into photography you know the real investment is in the lens systems you end up using more than the camera itself. And good glass is rarely inexpensive, especially when it comes to extreme focal lengths for something like microscopy. Laowa has released a new set of lenses meant to remedy this, the Aurogon FF 10-50X NA0.5 Supermicro APO lens set. These lenses will get you set up for extreme micro snaps from 10x to 50x, and thanks to adapters that are ready to go right out of the box with pretty much any set up you’re running. The set runs $1,500 which includes all 5 magnification tubes, making this niche world a bit more approachable for more photographers out there. More info via Petapixel here.

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