Watches, Stories, & Gear: A Succession Episode Power Ranking, Packing for a Long Weekend with Topo Designs CEO Mark Hansen, & Racing With Giants Documentary Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Le Mans

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The Ringer Gives Their Power Rankings For Each Succession Episode

Via The Ringer / HBO

With the series finale in the books and a new CEO at the head of the table, the curtain has finally fallen on HBO’s hit dark-comedy drama, Succession. Buoyed by a number of dynamic acting talents, witty screen play, and an ever-twisting plot that always left us wanting more, the bittersweet ending has us all wondering, what will fill the void on Sunday’s at 9:00PM? Well, you could always re-watch the whole thing, or relive the entire series through this expansive power rankings list provided by the folks over at The Ringer. They’ve taken all 39 episodes, broken them down and even highlighted the one-liners we might’ve missed because let’s face it, that’s one of the best parts of the show and has even spawned an entertaining Instagram account in @nocontextsuccession. Just one pass through the ranking will give you an idea of just how many drastic plot changes and pivotal scenes there actually were, as well as all the laugh-out-loud moments, that you actually might want to press play all over again (we don’t blame you if you do). Now whether you agree with what’s number one, that’s a different story, but either way go check out the entire Succession episode power rankings here and take an entertaining trip down memory lane.

The Already Sold Out $13 Walmart Shirt Worn By Roman Roy On Succession’s Series Finale

Via CBS News / HBO

What didn’t make number one on The Ringer’s Succession power ranking list was the series finale episode entitled “With Open Eyes” (don’t worry, no spoilers here), but an interesting and sort of ironic factoid surfaced this week when a couple of outlets circulated that a t-shirt worn by Roman Roy, played by Kieran Culkin, was actually a $13 boys shirt sold at Walmart. Why does this matter? Well first, there’s nothing wrong with shopping for clothes at Walmart. Secondly, just look at the lifestyle these characters lived – taxiing through NYC in helicopters, casually jumping in and out of private jets, and the suits, as well as the watches that accompanied them. Roman Roy’s attire during that beach-front patio scene with his siblings is less about the actual shirt and the cost, but more about the attention to detail that highlights his character’s fall-from-grace. This isn’t just happenstance. If Succession’s Prop Master is tapping into folks who work in the watch industry to make sure the chosen watches accurately portrays each character, then that’s just another example of the show’s attention-to-detail on display. As for that $13 shirt … it’s already sold out.

Peak Design’s Micro Clutch

When it comes to camera accessories and gear, you’d be hard pressed to find another brand better than Peak Design that produces a catalog of products that makes your life easier when operating a camera. They already have a wide array of camera strap options, but their latest addition is a low-profile hand strap called the Micro Clutch. There are two variations, both of which are distinguished by their anodized aluminum base plate – one is an “L” shaped plate made to fit mirrorless cameras with a more prominent grip and the other, an “I” shaped plate for svelter camera bodies. Included with the Micro Clutch is microfiber pad, adjustable hypalon strap, and a nifty hidden tool secured by a magnet housing that’s used to secure the base plate. If you’re keen on adding this one to the camera bag, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign here and back the project for a sweet discount on the Micro Clutch or other package offerings that include various Peak Design gear. The Peak Design Micro Clutch is expected to ship later this summer.

Packing For A Long Weekend With Topo Designs CEO Mark Hansen

Now that we’re in the month of June, we can officially say that summer is here. It’s time for endless daylight and long weekends away from home. If you’re looking for some packing inspiration or some tips on how to make traveling that much easier this season, then look no further than this recent episode of Huckberry’s EDU Dump that features Topo Designs CEO, Mark Hansen. We’re no strangers to digging some of the apparel and packs that Topo Designs has to offer, and being the CEO of the Denver based brand, there’s no surprise that Hansen travel gear is Topo-heavy.

The one piece in his kit that caught our eye was the Mountain Hip Pack which surprisingly fits a whole lot of EDC-related things and also has a couple of exterior features that allow for carrying a rain jacket or umbrella. Check out how Mark Hansen makes the most out of his Topo Designs 30L travel bag and how he makes traveling a seamless experience in Episode 18 of Huckberry’s EDC Dump, above.



Hagerty Media and Mobil 1 Presents Racing With Giants

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the iconic 24 hours of Le Mans race, as well as the 75th anniversary of Porsche – two of the most notable entities within the automotive racing world. To celebrate, Hagerty Media has partnered with Mobil 1 to present a documentary entitled Racing With Giants. The film is dedicated to the race’s rich heritage and the manufacturer that has seen the most checkered flags ever at Le Mans. Narrated by actor Patrick Dempsey, a Le Mans podium-finisher in his own right, Racing With Giants is the perfect primer for the upcoming 2023 24 hours of Le Mans race on June 10th.

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