Watches, Stories, & Gear: Topo Designs Adds an Array of Funky Multi-Purpose Packs, Pushing Bodily Limits in a McMurtry Spéirling, & a Couple of Versatile Gerber EDC Tools

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Header Image Via: Topo Designs

Topo Designs Adds Classic River Silhouettes To Their Core Mountain Collection

This week, Topo Designs has added their favorite River pieces to their core Mountain Collection. Their latest offering blends the lightweight, waterproof features of their River capsule with the durable, alpine style of their Mountain Collection, breeding a whole new set of versatile and eye-catching packs. Inspired by ‘70s interior design and the more vibrant colors of nature, this new addition provides a wide array of choices to keep your gear and other essentials organized for whatever you have planned for this Sping and beyond.

The Mountain Gear Bag Via Topo Designs

Out of the entire collection, we’re going to take a look at a few packs starting with the Mountain Gear Bag. In a silhouette that resembles a combination of a duffle and tote bag, the Mountain Gear Bag is built to throw any sort of essentials in its 48L main compartment, whether that be a pair of hiking boots, a change of clothes, a sleeping bag or any other combination you can think of, this utilitarian haul bag has got you covered. The Mountain Gear Bag also features a set of easy carry grab handles, outer daisy chain webbing and a 10 oz waterproof vinyl tarp liner.

The River Bag Via Topo Designs

The River Bag is just the right size pack as an everyday companion or a weekend away from home. This versatile pack speaks the entire River design language, sporting a set of mesh sides to stow away any wet gear, an outer shell made out of 1000D recycled nylon and a pack cloth collar and liner made out of 2000D recycled nylon. A cinch top closure secures any belongings within the 12.8L main carriage. If you’re in need of a carrying solution for all your EDC on the go, and a pack just might be a bit too cumbersome, then look no further than the Mountain Waist Pack. The entire collection ranges from $49 to $179. For more information on the entire Spring Mountain Collection range, head on over to Topo Designs.

Henry Catchpole Pushes It To The Limit In The Scary-Fast McMurtry Spéirling 

Henry Catchpole is back at it again and this time he’s in the cockpit of the scary-fast McMurtry Spéirling. If you’ve watched his extensive catalog of driving videos, then you’ll know that there’s very little that can surprise Catchpole. Well my, oh my does he get caught off guard behind the wheel of this mind-bending piece of machinery.

Via McMurtry Automotive

The McMurtry Spéirling is a fully electric hypercar built with a carbon fiber monocoque, twin electric motor and a rear-mounted fan system capable of generating 4,400 lbs of downforce. This is the same track monster that shattered the hill climb record at Goodwood and can hit 60 mph in just 1.3 seconds. Watching Catchpole take this thing around the track, you can feel every ounce of power that this car possesses. Any faster on a straightaway, Catchpole may have gone Back To The Future. Corners were rendered irrelevant and every whine of the motor was eerily similar to that of the Dark Knight’s Batmobile. Witnessing Catchpole’s driving experience is worth the watch alone and this might take the top of the podium as his most gnarliest drive.

The Joy Of Owning A House-Built 55 Year Old Plane

Via Huckberry

The “Joy Of Owning” presented by Huckberry‘s journal outlet has been an ongoing editorial series we’ve been following for quite some time. Whether it was the one dedicated to an ‘85 Toyota HJ75 Land Cruiser, a Boston Whaler, or a Yashica point and shoot camera, each story has a common underlying theme that connects object and owner on a deeper level. In the latest edition of “Joy Of Owning”, it’s the first time we’ve seen an aircraft as the object of focus. But this isn’t just any regular plane, it’s a 1968 Thorp T-18 owned by test pilot Elliot Seguin. The plane features a bubble canopy above the cockpit, an all-metal build and a fiery red fuselage, but the most interesting tidbit is that this particular model was designed to be built at home in the early 1960’s. The story goes into Jelly Bean’s (the name of the plane) provenance, Seguin’s extraordinary daily commute in the air and the generational influence flying has had in his family.

The Gerber Armbar Scout and Trade Multi-Tool

Via Gerber Gear

This past Thursday, some of the Worn & Wound team got to attend the annual Backbone Media Showcase on familiar turf within the heart of Chelsea, NYC. Backbone Media, the nation’s leading active lifestyle and outdoor marketing agency, hosted a slew of familiar brands that we very much know and love; Yeti, Filson, Chaco, Thule and many more. The Gerber booth in particular had a lot of interesting gear and accessories that we got to have a bit of hands-on time with including the new Armbar Scout and Armbar Trade Multi-tool.

Via Gerber Gear

Each Gerber Armbar is built within a sturdy steel structure and features a host of practical tools. Both the Scout and Trade are equipped with a 2.5” inch plain edge blade, pry bar, bottle opener, and nifty hammer situated at the bottom of the frame. The Armbar Scout however, comes with a can opener and spring loaded scissors while the Armbar Trade sports an awl as well a very useful ¼” double-sided bit driver. They both have a decent weight in hand – not too hefty with enough presence to know it’s still clipped on the inside of your pocket. Access to each tool is seamless and packs a whole lot of utility into a compact design. The Armbar Scout and Armbar Trade retail at $50.


Universal Pictures Debuts A New Oppenheimer Trailer

In August of last year, we covered the initial Oppenheimer movie trailer. Actually, we couldn’t even call it a legitimate trailer – it was just an ongoing repetitive cut that gave glimpses of what’s to come from director Christopher Nolan’s next film. Well with the debut of the latest Oppenheimer trailer, we have a better idea of what to expect when the film releases in July.

The film portrays the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, otherwise known as “the father of the atom bomb”. Oppenheimer ran the Manhattan Project’s Los Alamos Laboratory which led to the first invention of nuclear weapons used during World War II. Oppenheimer is played by Cillian Murphy and his wife Katherine Oppenheimer is played by Emily Blunt. Matt Damon portrays General Leslie Groves Jr., director of the Manhattan Project, and Robert Downey, Jr. also makes an appearance as Lewis Strauss, a founding commissioner of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Being a Nolan directed film, we can already expect a ton of high stakes acting and a dramatic soundscape that’ll accompany every cinematic scene that covers the historical creation of the first-ever nuclear bomb and the consequences that would soon follow.

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