Photo Report: Porsche and Watch Spotting at Rally Point East’s Third Annual Porscheast

The beauty of collecting is that it can totally be specific to you. There isn’t a right or wrong way of doing it. Just pick your lane, whether that be enjoying your collective interests from a thirty thousand foot view above or really getting into the niche weeds, and stick with it. Or not! Again, that’s the beauty of it all – you can zig and zag. Porsche enthusiasts know this all too well. One Porsche enthusiast can enjoy the brand for what it is; a powerful piece of German engineering known for its precise-handling, longevity and entertaining driving experience. You can also meet another Porsche enthusiast that can be hyper focused into one little definitive area of the brand whose interest can oftentimes spark a spirited debate with another fellow Porsche compatriot with a conflicting keenness. Vintage versus Modern. Air-Cooled versus Water-Cooled. 959 versus 964 (insert any other Porsche model debate here). Stock versus Mod. So on and so forth. However despite the differences, it’s the deep enthusiasm that binds everyone together.

Top. Down.

A couple of weekends ago, Rally Point East hosted their third annual Porscheast event, bringing together all sorts of enthusiasts and radical Porsches alike. Situated in Westhampton Beach, Rally Point East is an automotive club that provides a space for like-minded individuals to gather and talk about all things cars and other adjacent interests. The club offers a suite of perks to its members not limited to vehicle storage, viewing parties and a destination to drive to, or as the folks at Rally Point East like to call it, “A home for the drive.”

Rally Point East x Analog:Shift Porscheast III

No matter who I encountered at the event, their affable energy was sky-high, and their enthusiasm for Porsche was even higher. From chatting with the gentleman who drove in a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder to the folks over at Ryan Friedman Motor Cars who brought in an eye-catching 1-of-1 paint-to-sample Speedster, there was always something intriguing to take away from the conversation. Including the fleet of Porsches parked side by side, Rally Point East also hosted several creatives and brands whose ethos most certainly intersects the Porsche brand and the automotive world including artwork by Madrid-based painter, Manu Campa, auto-inspired apparel brand (and friend of W&W) STANDARD H, and the go-to spot for vintage watches (and more recently the historical breakdown of the Aloha Shirt), as well as the main sponsor of Porscheast III, Analog:Shift.

Analog:Shift always bringing the heat.

With A:S acting as an additional amiable host, you can bet that there was also some heat on people’s wrist. Of course “The Crown” was well represented amongst the attendees, but there were also some off-the-beaten-track pieces that I came across as well, including some killer vintage Heuers. For all the sights and scenes from Porscheast III, scroll through below and let us know in the comments what were your favorite Porsches and wrist-checks from the show.

The event underway and all types of Porches were already showing up and showing out.
The body style, pop-up headlights and everything else about this 930 … chef’s kiss.
The interior wasn’t so bad either.
Body Lines Part I.
Body Lines Part II.
@flying_scot_racing chopping it up.
Everyday is Kermit Day for this fellow.
Miami Blue Sandwich.
That Porsche GT3 RS Goodness.
@paulosalud sporting the Doxa Army
@paulosalud returning the favor and photographing my 50th anniversary Sub 300. Doxa was well represented at Porscheast III.
Even with the interior, it’s all in the details for this 1955 550 Spyder. @flying_scot_racing
Don’t leave home without it.
Wheels Part I: Snapped on a 1-of-1 paint-to-sample Speedster
Wheels Part II: 1988 was a good year.
“Show me your badge.”
The Martini Carrera wearing her stripes proudly.
Another set of stripes spotted, but this time on a TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf that pays tribute to Steve McQueen and the iconic blue and orange racing stripes found on his Porsche 917 in the 1971 Le Mans film.
Front and center.
Vintage Heuer Carrera on wrist.
A Miami Blue RAUH-Welt Begriff spotted. For those unfamiliar, RWB was created by Akira Nakai-San, a Japanese car tuner who took his passion for air cooled Porsches and turned it into a global movement by redesigning them in to drivable art.
@complecto founder Jason Gong appropriately rocking his vintage gold Rolex Oysterquartz.
Gold done the Rolex way with the Everose GMT-Master II ‘Rootbeer’.
Teaching them young.
The only thing that got more attention than the cars and watches was this little pup.
Whale-Tails for days.
A Seafoam Green Roadster that you’ll most certainly see a mile away.
You can do no wrong with classic black.
Double wristing done tastefully with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph on one wrist and an Apple Watch Ultra on the other.
A very cool Cartier Roadster. Bonus points for the detailed ink.

Casual RM spotting. Another shot by Paulo Salud.
James Lamdin’s 912 XC; a bi-coastal project finally completed and back where it belongs
Never Lift.
Steady foot traffic at the Analog:Shift booth.
When Lamdin asks if you want to try on an Albino 1655, you have to say yes, right?
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