Watches, Stories, & Gear: A Superlight Supercar, Bucket List Ideas, Photographers’ Insights, & More

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GMA Returns with Sophomore release In T.33 Super Car

via: Gordon Murray Automotive

Not even 2 years after the reveal of his heavily anticipated T.50 super (hyper? ultra?) car, legendary car designer Gordan Murray is back at it with the GMA T.33. The car ditches the center seating position in favor of a more traditional 2 seat layout, but retains the howling V12 engine and manual gearbox. If you were hoping for a GMA at a more approachable price, this aint it. Production will still be limited to 100 units, and pricing will be $1M+. The look is unique, and leans a bit toward a TVR mixed with a Lotus, not a bad thing if you ask me. Here’s hoping the eventual collectors/buyers will get them out on the track from time to time. GMA.

The Biggest Swiss Watch Market In The World Is …

via: WatchPro

Just in from WatchPro, some good news on the business side of the watch industry. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry releases figures on the state of the watch world every January, and the financials for 2021 show significant year over year improvement, with total exports approaching the all time high we saw in 2014. News was particularly good for the US, with exports valued at CHF 3.1 billion, making America the largest market for Swiss watches in the world. If you’ve been following the trend lines in watch prices at almost any level, this massive number is less of a surprise – there seems to be more interest in watches at this particular moment than anytime in recent memory, and people are willing to pay for them, even in a worldwide pandemic. Check out this article on WatchPro for more.

Deep Dive On Medium Format 

For the photographers among you, we highly recommend checking out the video above from DPReview, taking on some of the myths associated with depth of field and medium format sensors. It’s a commonly held belief among many that medium format cameras give you a dramatically shallower depth of field, but through a lot of testing (and some very detailed technical explanations) this video dives into why that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s a must watch for professional and serious amateur photographers alike.

A Conversation With John Sypal

via: A Collected Man

Going through the journal archives of A Collected Man, you’ll stumble upon an enlightening conversation with Tokyo based photographer, John Sypal. We were drawn to his collection of cameras which include a Fuji GF670, his reliable Nikon F2 and a Leica M6 that was purchased from his photography teacher and mentor. What we didn’t expect but gladly enjoyed were his insights on collecting, how our objects mirror ourselves over time and what it actually means to take a photograph. Check out the full conversation entitled Obsessions: Photography with John Sypal and if you’re in need of vintage camera inspo, check out Sypal’s IG page, @tokyocamerastyle to get your daily fix of camera spotting in Tokyo.


Put This On Your Bucket List

via: Huckberry

Huckberry recently published the first half of a pretty epic bucket list. In “50 Things to Do Before You Die,” the Huckberry crew suggest some truly wild adventures that the thrill seekers among us would certainly be wise to consider undertaking if the opportunity presents itself. There’s something here for every stripe of adventurer, from fly fishing in Patagonia, to swimming with whales. Not everything on the list is death defying, however. One suggestion is a great Italian meal, and another involves drinking unfiltered, full cask-strength whiskey. Take a look at the blog post right here and let us know what bucket list item you’re most interested in undertaking.

eBay Finds: Vintage 36MM Accutron Stainless Steel 214 Mens Bulova 196 Wristwatch

via: eBay user @heygreatwatch

The Bulova Accutron tuning fork movement is legendary, and was definitely an amazing innovation. Most battery powered watches use the vibration of a quartz crystal for timing, but the Accutron uses the vibration of a tuning fork vibrating between two electromagnets. Super cool, and they produce an audible hum that is pleasing to the ear (at least mine!). The first model movement was the 214, which powers this vintage 1963 gem. The 36mm stainless steel case is simple and clean and looks unpolished. 214 models don’t have a normal winding crown, but rather have a little flap that lifts on the back to set the time. There is also a battery hatch on the back so you don’t have to remove the whole back to change the battery. The dial on this one is so simple and clutter free it’s got a futuristic Spartan vibe, which is exactly what Bulova was going for back then. Brushed silver dial with simple applied steel markers at 3, 6 and 9, with an applied steel Accutron logo at 12. Really just such a classic, timeless style that was way ahead of its time. If you’re keen, make your bid here.

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