Watches, Stories, & Gear: CERN, Arm Wrestling, & Mexican Pizza

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Arm Wrestling In Brooklyn 

Image via The Atlantic

Here’s one for the sports fans. Did you know that there’s a thriving, somewhat underground, arm wrestling scene in Brooklyn? Well, after reading this wonderful piece in The Atlantic, you’ll feel like an expert. Arm wrestling is one of those things that often makes people think, “Hey, I could do that!” But as this article shows, once you get into competitive arm wrestling, with people who take it very seriously, you have to start worrying about things like snapped limbs, and the romance starts to wear off. This story is a peek into a world that some might not even be aware exists, which is one of our favorite things.

The Tricky Business Of Photo Props

Image: Jarrod Murray @theofficialword/twitter via The Guardian

This is a fairly common experience: you’re watching a movie, and all of a sudden your concentration is broken by something unusual on screen that just doesn’t belong. Boom mic hovering in the top of the frame? An extra caught looking at the camera? These things happen, but perhaps even more common in the age of nearly everything being shot in high definition is a glimpse of a prop photo that upon close inspection seems wildly out of place. This article from The Guardian dives into why so many shots of photographs in movies seem to be (and often are) quickly and haphazardly edited creations of heads grafted onto bodies they didn’t belong to, in front of backgrounds that aren’t real, and so forth. Many of these photos, of course, are never meant to be seen in 4K detail, so the inconsistencies that were glossed over in the 80s or 90s are right out in front for modern viewers.

CERN Gets Back To Work After 3 year Break

Image: CERN

You may have noticed a suspicious lack of news from the CERN Large Hadron Collider over the past few years, and it was just because of the pandemic. The facility has been shut down for maintenance and upgrades, but this week it resumed activity, smashing beams of protons together at incredible speeds. For science. And now, it’ll be much better at gathering the sensitive data resulting from the collisions, providing clearer insights for scientists looking to probe the limits of the Standard Model of physics, or hunting for new particles. Read more about the developments from The Verge right here.

Rejoice: the Mexican Pizza is BACK!

If you’ve been keeping up with the podcast or checked in with our recent Reddit AMA, you’ve caught quite a bit of Worn & Wound taco talk. So of course we were thrilled to hear the news this week that Taco Bell is, at long last, bringing back their beloved Mexican Pizza. It’s been a long two years since the last time the pseudo-Mexican fast food treat appeared on Taco Bell menus, and after a whole lot of lobbying from Taco Bell fanatics (including a petition) the announcement came this week that it was making its triumphant return. Much more here at Food & Wine.


eBay Finds: Vintage Omega Seamaster

Credit: tictocnmore

This week we have one of my all time favorite vintage Omegas, the Seamaster 166.010. While this is later (1960’s) than the well known classic ‘fat lug’ 1950’s Seamasters, this classically styled steel case is timeless (pun intended). Beautiful silver crosshair dial with date at three and applied steel markers are superb and look to be all original. The low profile crown is correct, and signed with the Omega symbol. I can also see the Omega symbol in the center of the original crystal with date magnifier in it. This watch is powered by the great Omega caliber 562 automatic movement with true quickset date (pull the crown out from the first to second position and the date clicks over). Best of all, this gem comes on an original Omega beads of rice bracelet! Seller states the watch runs but hasn’t been tested, so do take that into consideration.

View auction here.

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