Watches, Stories, & Gear: Hidden Basements, Magnetic Fields, and Perfect Pasta

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“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of our favorite content, watch or otherwise, from around the internet. Here, we support other creators, explore interesting content that inspires us, and put a spotlight on causes we believe in. Oh, and any gear we happen to be digging on this week. We love gear.

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Comparing Two Cuts Of Justice League

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Warner Bros.

Last week, something interesting happened. For the first time in what felt like forever, but was certainly at least about one year, a movie found itself smack dab in the middle of popular culture. The movie in question was Zach Snyder’s Justice League, which you’d be obliged to not confuse with Justice League, which is shorter not just in title but also in length, by a significant margin. For the uninitiated, the story of “the Snyder Cut” is relatively straightforward. Snyder, in the process of making the film, suffered an enormous family tragedy that called him away from the project. Joss Whedon was brought in to wrap things up, film some reshoots, and doctor the script. The result was something that fans, and Snyder, completely rejected. A movement was born (on Twitter, naturally) to release Snyder’s original vision for Justice League, and the combination of a year-plus long pandemic that left us all starved for content and a new streaming service in search of a hit led to the unprecedented decision to let Snyder back into his own film, tweak to his heart’s content, and release his own, massive, four hour version. This article in Slate goes through many of the differences between the two versions of the film (there are a lot of differences)  and is a useful read whether you’re a scholar of Snyder’s extended DC universe, or just jumping in for the first time.

Capturing A Black Hole’s Magnetic Field

EHT Collaboration

One of the most fascinating images in recent astronomical history was released in 2019 when the Event Horizon Telescope initiative, which was created to capture black holes, released a photograph of the shadow of the supermassive black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. It was the first time such an image had been captured, and now in another first, the EHT has released an equally evocative image of that same black hole’s swirling magnetic field. This photo, along with additional research being done right now, has fascinating implications for the study of black holes, and they interact with magnetic fields. It’s thought that magnetic fields surrounding a black hole act as a sort of “gatekeeper,” keeping some material from falling inside. If you’re cosmologically inclined, be sure to check out the article on right here.


Discovering the Hidden Bowels Of The Lincoln Memorial 

Credit: Harris & Ewing

Did you know that the Lincoln Memorial has a basement? It does, and it’s three stories deep, and has essentially been neglected for decades. That’s not even the most interesting thing you’ll learn in this brief story from Atlas Obscura (that has to with the graffiti that’s been preserved since the Memorial was built), but it immediately had us wondering about the implications of a future entry in the National Treasure franchise, with a climactic scene involving a robbery in the Lincoln Memorial’s long forgotten Undercroft. Plans to make this lower section of the Lincoln Memorial appropriate for tourist visits are in the works for the 2022 centennial of the Memorial’s completion, so you might have a chance to scope out this little known piece of D.C. history sooner rather than later.

The Quest For The Perfect Pasta Shape Takes Form

Scott Gordon Bleicher/Dan Pashman

Bored by traditional pasta shapes, Dan Pashman set out to create a better option. After three years, he was able to do just that with a new pasta called cascatelli — Italian for “little waterfalls.” It’s got ridges, ruffles, nooks & crannies… and a right angle for good measure. The result is a form that will hold more sauce, and a variety of textures and mouth feel. Get a glimpse of Dan’s journey at his site, Sporkful right here, and keep an eye out for the new pasta at stores in the near future (hopefully).


Recommended Viewing: Lost Track New Zealand

Surfer Torren Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell embark on a journey through New Zealand in search of adventure and more specifically, perfect waves. What makes this trip special is that they use two Royal Enfield motorcycles that were custom built to take as much gear as possible and that includes their surfboards. As with many adventures, it’s not complete until things go a little sideways. Like watches, people tend to find a romance with surfing and exploration, and this film, Lost Track, embodies that allure through and through. If you’re into gear, vast landscapes and getting out into the wild, partnered with a killer soundtrack, this film has all of that wrapped into one. – Thanks to reader Thomas Calara for this submission!

eBay Finds: Vintage Sheffield Chronograph

Credit: chronofly65

“Panda” dial chronographs have become immensely popular these days, and rightfully so. Their classic look with a white or silver dial contrasted with black subdials is simply iconic. As such, prices on these watches have grown accordingly. Well, this vintage Sheffield panda dial chronograph should provide you with all the style without breaking the bank since Sheffield isn’t a well known or sought after brand like Heuer or Rolex. The 37mm wide steel case is a good size, and is in great condition, and the dial is excellent with minimal patina. Powered by the Landeron cal 248, a sturdy, if not overly glamorous movement. That said, the seller states the movement has been serviced and is working well, so this one should be ready to enjoy with a new strap. Auction ends Sunday so don’t sleep on it!

View Auction here.

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