Watches, Stories, & Gear: High Flying Photography, a Must-Watch Mars Rover Program Documentary, a Titanium Bracelet for your Apple Watch Ultra, & More

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Header Image Via: Good Night Oppy

You Have The Apple Watch Ultra, Here’s The Titanium Band To Go With It

Via Sandmarc

A titanium case, precision dual-frequency GPS, and a suite of features that include a depth sensor at a very approachable price of $800, makes the Apple Watch Ultra a very impressive watch. And just as impressive are the straps that come along with it. There’s the sleek Trail Loop band that’s their equivalent of a velcro strap, a ribbed neon yellow rubber dive strap, and my personal favorite, the Alpine Loop strap. But what about the bracelet guys like myself? Surely a watch as tough and rugged as the Apple Watch Ultra deserves a bracelet that’s just as robust and thoughtfully designed as the case itself. Most importantly, it’s got to be titanium. I’m a stickler for mis-matching hardware, so there’s no way we’re accepting a stainless steel bracelet for the AWU. Look no further than Sandmarc’s titanium watch band made specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra. The bracelet is made out Grade 2 titanium and sports a glass coating for some added scratch resistance. The Sandmarc bracelet most certainly gives me some Sinn vibes, so that’s a plus in my book. The Sandmarc titanium band retails for $199.

“Good Night Oppy”

The Mars Rover Program was only supposed to last 90 days. It ended up lasting 15 years. And in that time the amount of information that was gathered and the jaw dropping visuals that were captured, would inspire generations to come. In Good Night Oppy, we get to see the inception of the program and the relationship that develops between everyone involved in the program and the two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Imagine being so locked into a project, dedicating your entire life to the exploration of a neighboring planet through the eyes of a robot, and then realizing that one day, the mission is over. The documentary is sure to evoke some strong emotions, no matter if you’re a space nerd or a casual cosmic observer. Good Night Oppy is set to release on Amazon Prime this week on Thanksgiving Day.

Buy A Watch This Holiday Season, Do Some Good

Via Feeding America

Not that we need any further justification to purchase a new watch, but this season we’ve got a couple extra benefits to toss onto the heap. First up, an auction held right now by Rago, with a selection of lots benefiting The Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation Benefit, helping seniors in northern Wisconsin further their education goals. Check out all the watches up for bidding right here, and learn more about the Scholarship Foundation right here. Next up, our friends at Collective Horology will be giving 15% of the proceeds of all sales through Nov. 29 directly to help feed those in need via Feeding America. Pretty straightforward, and a lot of good to come from the move. Also a friendly reminder that Collective Horology now retails Fears Watches. Learn more about the Collective and their offerings right here.

Save The Goonies House, In Real Life

In 1986, an improbable group of kids came together to save their neighborhood from a golf course developer in the most dramatic fashion possible. At least that’s the story as depicted in Richard Donner’s The Goonies, and now that very house is ready for its next chapter in life. The famed house, located in Astoria, Oregon, is now on sale with an asking price of $1.65M on The home, which was built in 1896 and fits 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms into its 2,336 square feet. That’s to say nothing of its historic and cultural value, of course. Just note the sculpture placed on the living room table in the images, presumably fully intact? If you’re in need of new diggs in the pacific northwest, be sure to check this listing out right here.


Who We’re Following: @point_mugu_skies 

Via @point_mugu_skies

Lately my Instagram feed has seen aviation themed accounts to balance out the horological, automotive, style and sports content. In the realm of aviation inspired accounts, we definitely have to mention @romig21 who specializes in posting stories and historical facts about iconic aircrafts that include the SR-71 and the XB-70 Valkyrie. There’s also a more recent account that I’ve followed, inspired by a trip that involved riding in a Cessna 185 Skywagon Amphib over a glacier in British Columbia, called @aerocomoclub which mainly features the Cessna seaplane flying over the exotic landscape of Lake Como. But in addition to those two, a must-follow is @point_mugu_skies. Think Amy Shore photography, but for fighter jets and helicopters. Some of these shots sharply catch aircrafts in angles and mid-aerial maneuvers that you’ve probably never seen before. The best part, the collection of posts are a combination of photographs taken by a fighter jet enthusiast and his nine year old son.

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