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Header Image: The Armoury NYC via Grailed

A Series Dedicated To Developing Good Taste

Via Die, Workwear

On classic men’s clothing and style blog Die, Workwear, an ongoing series about developing good taste recently caught our attention. In Part One of ‘How To Develop Good Taste”, Derek Guy goes deep into dress theory, the basic foundation of “taste” and for those wondering, how do we exactly start to develop “good taste” in the first place. Guy follows up the inaugural article with Part Two which features sartorial wonder and founder of The Armoury, Mark Cho. The article begins with Mark Cho’s experience with watch collecting, recalling his first vintage purchase with a gray dial Omega Chronostop to an off the beaten path Audemar Piguet Royal Oak. Cho then breaks down his thoughts and insights on how to create and develop your own style, whether it be with watches, clothing, and everything in between, through experience and ownership. This series really gets into the weeds here and there’s sure to be plenty of takeaways to up your style game.

Via Die, Workwear

Side note: If you’re interested in hearing more from Mark Cho, he and other prevalent personalities in the watch industry will be speaking on a panel this weekend at Dubai Watch Week’s Horology Forum in NYC. The weekend show is free to register and open to the public.

Kojima Productions And NASA Collaborate On A Watch

Legendary video game producer Kojima Productions, known for such bangers as the Metal Gear Solid series, and more recently, Death Stranding, has teamed up with Anicorn to release a watch called the Space Ludens. The watch incorporates the NASA logo and space themes along with some of the visual motifs of Kojima Productions. The result is, well, unique, with a square case and exposed brass elements joining a Miyota automatic movement. The coolest part? The included skull mask that will ship with the watch. The watch will be limited to 100 units and is priced at $1,540. The drop happens at 8AM on September 27 on Anicorn’s website.

NASA To Carry Out First Asteroid Redirect

Via Arstechnica

On Monday, NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will hit a small asteroid called Dimorphos head on in an attempt to alter its orbit. If all goes to plan. The test is meant to gauge our ability to intercept, and alter the trajectory of such a body in the first such test of a planetary defense model. The 600 kg spacecraft will hit the 120 meters across asteroid, which orbits the larger 65803 Didymos, and within minutes be photographed by a small craft called LICIACube, built by the Italian Space Agency, to photograph the aftermath and get initial readings, while a number of ground based observatories will be gather data in realtime, as well. Best of all, the collision will be live broadcast by NASA on Monday, so you’ll be able to watch the approach yourself, and get a first look at Dimorphos along with the rest of the world. Tune in on Monday to watch the event unfold live on NASA’s live stream at 7:14 p.m. EDT.

Don’t worry, NASA says there’s no chance that the potential alteration will put the binary system on an ironic collision course with earth. Learn more about the test over at arstechnica right here.

Grant Stone Releases Their New Field Boot 

Via Grant Stone

It’s officially Fall and you know what that means for us folks in the northeast. Boot weather. If you’re looking for a great pair of boots to get you through this season and beyond, look no further than Grant Stone. The brand left such a good impression on us during their showing at WindUp Chicago. So much so that a few of us now own a pair (or two) of boots from the brand. This past week, Grant Stone released their Field Boot in four different variations: Walnut Bison, Saddle Tan, Earth, and Dark Burgundy. Having the look and feel of a vintage leather hunting boot, the Field Boot is designed to get you from point A to Point B in your respective city, or a long-weekend outdoor adventure. The Field Boot retails for $380 and available directly through Grant Stone.


Looking Ahead: The Long Awaited “The Last Overland” Book Releases Next Week

Via Grammar Productions

We covered “The Last Overland” here in WSG back in June and were very much excited about the upcoming release of both the book and four-part series documenting the epic journey. Well now the wait is over. On September 29th, the full story written by author and filmmaker Alex Bescoby will depict the entire road trip he and his team took from Singapore to London in a Land Rover Series 1 Defender – the same Defender Tim Slessor and his friends took back in 1955 during “The First Overland” when they completed the original trip from London to Singapore. In addition to the book, Bescoby will release a four-part docuseries on All4 next month. All4 is a free live and on-demand streaming service only available in the UK, so for us living stateside, hopefully the series will find its way to YouTube or any other available streaming service.

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