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Header Image Via: Porsche

Porsche Takes GT3 RS A Step Close To Full-On Race Car In 992 Generation

Via Porsche

Whenever we get a new generation of 911, the long wait for the inevitable GT cars begins. The 992 generation was introduced back in 2018, and this week, we finally received the penultimate version of it, the GT3 RS. As with every generation of the RS, it continues to push the car closer to pure race car territory, and the latest variant is the most extreme example yet. While a glance at the spec sheet might leave you doubting that, with the same naturally aspirated 4.0 liter engine as the GT3, and a mere bump from 502 to 518 horsepower, a glance at the car itself paints a very different picture.

Via Porsche

The body of the new GT3 RS features some of the most extreme aerodynamic advances ever put to a 911. Active aero elements within the body work and the massive rear wing coupled with dramatic open areas behind and around the wheels, and winglets on the roof to prevent hot air from entering the engine contribute to what should make for a rather exceptional track rat, and it looks the absolute business as a result. The new GT3 RS is priced from $223,800, but like a steel Daytona, securing an allotment from the dealer is likely the bigger hurdle. Keep an eye out for some crazy specs of this one roaming the streets later this year. Porsche.

Alex Strohl’s New Zine

Via Adventure Buddies

Adventure photographer and filmmaker Alex Strohl has made a name for himself for the visuals and documentaries he has created in the most remote places in the world. He is also the co-founder of Wildist which is a platform that offers photography and videography courses for those who want to better their abilities to document their adventures. Now Strohl has turned his energy towards producing a magazine entitled Adventure Buddies.

Via Adventure Buddies

In volume one of Adventure Buddies, Strohl documents a 500 mile backpacking trip with friend and collaborator Isaac Johnston. This magazine will feel and look a little different, as the entire thing is shot on a 35mm Canon Elan 7 film camera. Strohl also mentions that using human-powered tools such as a bicycle, a kayak or just plain walking adds a different element to the photos and stories, as there isn’t a barrier between him and the landscape he’s exploring. The images are accompanied by stories about these adventures and the friendships that develop along the way. Adventure Buddies is 180 pages long and will include 250 previously unseen film photos.

Via Adventure Buddies

Strohl plans to build on this first volume by releasing three other magazines that will come together as a pack in September. Those stories will include lookout roulette in Washington State, walking across the Flathead Indian Reservation and exploring the entire East Fjords by sailboat and by bike with Ben Hardman, Chris Burkard and Steve Booker.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept: An EV On Steroids

Via The Drive

The problem with new cars nowadays is that they all look the same. There’s no more variety on the road. Sure, when Tesla came out with their EV’s, they were fun to spot out in the wild. Now everyone and their mothers drives a Tesla, and what’s worse, is that other car brands getting into the EV game are producing cars that, yet again, look more similar than different.

Via The Drive

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept however, is not your average electric vehicle, and might just be what we need to keep things fresh. Although the new concept looks a bit curvier than the squared-off challenger, it still has an aggressiveness about it. The Charger EV won’t be a slouch in the horsepower department either. The 800-volt “Banshee” drivetrain provides an output of 717hp, exceeding that of a Hellcat. You’ll most certainly hear the Charger EV coming down the street, as the power coming from the Banshee drivetrain is paired with a “fratzonic chamber exhaust” that can reach up to 126 decibels (listen for yourself here). Now will we actually see this thing on the road sometime soon, maybe, maybe not, but the concept of a muscle EV is something we can get behind.

Cringiest Episode Of ‘The Office’

Via The Ringer

When discussing The Office, one of the most watched and endlessly re-watched sitcoms of the streaming era, one episode is perhaps more divisive than any other. “Scott’s Tots,” the twelfth episode of season 6, is frequently cited as the show’s low point. The episode’s premise is that Michael Scott, the dimwitted and difficult but well meaning manager of the Scranton branch of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company, had promised a class of children that he’d pay for their college educations upon graduation from high school. Now, as graduation approaches, Micahel can’t make good on his promise, and has to face his “tots” to break the news. Naturally, it’s cringe inducing, which is why some find it impossible to sit through, and why others find it endlessly hilarious. In this piece for The Ringer, writer Alan Siegel looks back at the episode with many of the people who were involved. It’s a great read for any Office fan, and might leave you rethinking the value of a good cringe.


Bombas x Cotopaxi

Via Cotopaxi

Outdoor apparel company Cotopaxi and premium basics brand Bombas teamed up this week on a capsule that combines what both brands do best. One half of the capsule includes a set of quarter or calf socks made with the Bombas engineering for optimal comfort, support and softness. The other half is a nifty Cotopaxi Bataan 3L fanny pack. Both are made with fun, vibrant multi-colors that pop off the product. The collaboration follows the Cotopaxi mission “Gear For Good,” keeping the environment in mind (they are proud members of 1% for the planet) with how this capsule was made. The socks are partly made out of repurposed yarn and the Bataan fanny pack is 100% made out of repurposed materials. And if that wasn’t enough “Good” for you, proceeds from the collaboration go towards supporting Community Solutions which is a non-profit organization that focuses on ending homelessness. Check out the entire Bombas x Cotopaxi capsule here.

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