Watches, Stories, & Gear: Our Favorite Gear From 2022

“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of our favorite content, watch or otherwise, from around the internet. Here, we support other creators, explore interesting content that inspires us, and put a spotlight on causes we believe in. Oh, and any gear we happen to be digging on this week. We love gear.

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Header Image Via: Leatherman x Topo Designs

It’s been quite the year for Watches, Stories, & Gear. We’ve come across some amazing stories and incredible photographs from all over the world, and even a few that stretch all the way to the cosmos. We’ve seen a slew of fast cars, rugged off-roaders and even a flying Land Rover. We’ve recommended books, documentaries and a ton of movie trailers. We love movies so much that we even started a podcast dedicated to the intersection of time and film. Then there was the endless amount of gear; some of which actually made its way into our packs, closet, gear wall, and for some, the garage.

We’re sure you’ve recently seen us recap the year in watches – from our favorite collaborations and purchases, to what watches surprised us the most. So we decided to do the same for our favorite WSG gear recommendations from 2022. What was your favorite gear purchase this year? Did you get any cool gear for the Holidays? Let us know in the comments below.


Topo Designs X Leatherman Collaboration

Via Leatherman x Topo Designs

Earlier this week, Topo Designs and Leatherman announced a limited edition collaboration for their very own Skeletool Set. The ultralight multitool gets the Topo Design color treatment similar to what we’ve seen in their range of multicolored bags, packs and accessories. The Topo Designs X Leatherman Skeletool comes equipped with the patented 7-in-1 function that include a set of needlenose pliers, wire cutters, a 420HC combo knife and a few more useful tools for your day to day tasks. The collaborative piece also comes along with a fun looking carrying pouch that also features the recognizable aesthetic of Topo Designs. Unfortunately, the Topo Designs X Leatherman Skeletool Set is no longer available on both the Topo Designs and Leatherman site. If you want to stay in the loop, sign up with your email at Topo Designs, as they are known to release interesting collaborations like this on the regular.

The New “Slim” Side Click Pen From Tactile Turn

Via Tactile Turn

Tactile Turn owners know that you just don’t own their pens because they write well. The experience goes way beyond that. It’s the sturdiness in hand, the feel of the grooves along the length of the pen body, and the satisfying “click” when you engage the button/bolt that makes the process of putting pen to paper that much more enjoyable. This week, Tactile Turn announced a new and slimmer version of the Side Click appropriately dubbed the Slim Side Click. The diameter of the Slim Side Click is now a leaner 0.365” compared to its larger sibling that comes in at 0.43”. It also sports a slimmer clip with only one screw drilled into the body as opposed to two, providing a “deeper pocket carry.” You still get the familiar grooved exterior, as well as three different size options and four different case materials; Titanium, Bronze, Copper, and Zirconium. Tactile Turn is slated to drop the Slim Side Click next Tuesday, August 30th at 12 noon CST. Tactile Turn

Lego Mclaren F1 Racecar Set


LEGO has been on a roll as of late. Recently, they released their 2022 Speed Champion collection that includes a 1970 Ferrari 512 M, a Lamborghini Countach and a pair of Mercedes AMG performance cars including the F1 W12 E track car.  And if you happen to have enough desk or shelf real-estate to add something bigger, then we suggest you check out the newest addition to LEGO’s Technic line in the McLaren Formula 1 Race Car set. Models from the Technic collection are more complex and comprehensive builds consisting of functioning gearboxes, wheels and axles that go along with the realistic details of each vehicle. LEGO has partnered up with McLaren Racing to offer a 1,432 piece set that will feature a V6 cylinder engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension and differential for precision cornering. This is just about as close as it gets to owning an F1 car. The Mclaren F1 Race Car set will be available on March 1st, 2022.

COTIC Releases New All Terrain Adventure Bike


There are plenty of ways to add another layer of difficulty to challenge yourself on your next  micro-adventure. Sometimes the easiest way to do that is to change the way you get to your location. So instead of taking your car, why not try to bike there? If you’re keen on this idea and in the market for a new set of wheels, we suggest you check out the versatile Cascade adventure-bike by COTIC. COTIC is an independent bicycle company based out of Derbyshire, UK and they currently have a quiver of bicycles that mostly concentrate on trail riding, with the exception of the Tonic which is straight-up a road bike and the hybrid Cascade adventure-bike. The newly released COTIC Cascade combines the best of both worlds of mountain and gravel/road riding by blending the sturdy frame of a mountain bike with customizable forks and a drop down bar set typically found on the faster road bikes. The drop bar set provides more hand positions and allows the rider to really lean in when they’re booking it downhill.


The Cascade was made with a purposeful design offering a wider clearance for thicker off-road tires and a frame that allows for maximum cargo add-ons and mounts for full length mudguards and fenders. The COTIC Cascade is built to ride on any terrain, whether it’s going up a mountain, or down it. And if you just need a bike to get you to your local cafe, the COTIC Cascade will do just fine. The COTIC Cascade comes  in three different colorways: Lichen, Smoke Gray and Nimbus Sunrise. Check out the COTIC Cascade in action here.


Nasa // Past And Present Dreams Of The Future


Great photography has a way of illuminating the familiar in ways that tap into our emotional connections to them. It can also bring perspective and gravity to objects tied to an era or event. A new book from photographer Benedict Redgrove does just that, with objects from NASA’s storied history, and in the process provides an intimate look at the tools we’ve developed to aid us in our journey beyond this planet. The stark, simple yet powerful images are compiled in the book NASA: Past And Present Dreams Of The Future available now from the photographer’s website. The book showcases nearly 300 images compiled over 9 years highlighting the achievements of NASA and pointing to our broader goals in space exploration. From lunar samples to lander modules and everything in between, it’s presented beautifully in this 11.6 x 14.7 inch hardback book. Get inspired by this and more at Redgrove’s site right here.

On My Radar – 1733 Zip Tote In Ranger Green – Thomas Calara

Via 1733

If you’re not familiar with 1733, they are a Chicago based brand that makes highly technical bags that seamlessly fit into your everyday life. In their recent drop, they released their Zip Tote which in my opinion, has all the makings of the perfect summer bag. The 1733 Zip Tote elevates your ordinary tote bag with its ECOPAK fabric construction and Cordura reinforcements. On the outside, the 1733 Zip Tote comes equipped with an external pocket, 4 D-Rings and 4 daisy chain rows providing numerous attachment points and increased carrying capacity. The 28L internal carrying capacity should be more than enough for all the gear I intend on hauling around this summer. The 1733 Zip Tote comes in three different colorways; Black, Red and the one I’m leaning towards, Ranger Green. Check out all the other gear 1733 has to offer and be sure to be locked in to their site every second Friday of the month for their regularly scheduled monthly drop.


Peter McKinnon’s Nifty Camera Tool

You might recognize Peter McKinnon from his very popular filmmaking and photography tutorials on YouTube. The Canada based creative became a YouTube sensation from the get and currently has over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His success has led him to dabble in producing photography products starting with the Variable Neutral Density filter in which he partnered up with Polar Pro a few years ago.

Via Peter McKinnon

McKinnon is back with a new product called the PM Camera Tool. The multi-purpose tool is equipped with everything you would need to efficiently manage your camera out in the field in a compact, lightweight and stealthy Swiss army knife designed package. One feature that the PM camera tool sports is a toggle switch located on the outer case body, which allows the user to easily deploy the desired tool on the side of their choosing, eliminating the headache that comes with fishing for a tool in something like a Leatherman or traditional Swiss army knife. The PM camera tool includes a Phillips and Flathead screwdriver, as well as a couple of bit-drivers that lock into place. The bit drivers are also accompanied by a set of various tool-bits that secure to the main bit-driver via magnetic touch points. Also worth noting you can tuck in an additional tool-bit inside the bit-driver so that there is no need to pull out the entire set if another sized tool is required. The cherry on top, an SD card storage slot in the case body of the PM camera tool. Unfortunately the first batch of these camera tools are already sold out, BUT there are more on the way and the plan is to have these tools available to the masses. Peter McKinnon

Porsche Takes GT3 RS A Step Close To Full-On Race Car In 992 Generation

Via Porsche

Whenever we get a new generation of 911, the long wait for the inevitable GT cars begins. The 992 generation was introduced back in 2018, and this week, we finally received the penultimate version of it, the GT3 RS. As with every generation of the RS, it continues to push the car closer to pure race car territory, and the latest variant is the most extreme example yet. While a glance at the spec sheet might leave you doubting that, with the same naturally aspirated 4.0 liter engine as the GT3, and a mere bump from 502 to 518 horsepower, a glance at the car itself paints a very different picture.

Via Porsche


The body of the new GT3 RS features some of the most extreme aerodynamic advances ever put to a 911. Active aero elements within the body work and the massive rear wing coupled with dramatic open areas behind and around the wheels, and winglets on the roof to prevent hot air from entering the engine contribute to what should make for a rather exceptional track rat, and it looks the absolute business as a result. The new GT3 RS is priced from $223,800, but like a steel Daytona, securing an allotment from the dealer is likely the bigger hurdle. Keep an eye out for some crazy specs of this one roaming the streets later this year. Porsche.


New Gear Acquisition – The Noc Provisions Zoom Tube 32mm – Kyle Snarr

Sometimes gear that’s on our radar happens to turn into an actual purchase, joining the growing quiver of tools, accessories and essentials. As mentioned above, we love gear, so we thought, why not put together a brief post about our New Gear Acquisition (NGA). This space is dedicated to giving you guys our thoughts and opinions about the gear we recently spent our hard earned dollars on. 

A recent trip to Iceland left me in search of a light weight, but durable optics solution. I took my classic pair of Bushnells, but they were heavy and I was constantly worrying about them. I’d heard of Nocs Provisions and their colorful, waterproof binoculars, but didn’t realize until recently that they have a monocular solution as well. As soon as I laid eyes (or in this case ‘eye’) on the green colorway of their Zoom Tube 32mm, I knew it was precisely the piece of kit I was seeking. Its textured, rubberized housing is grippy in hand and the overall sizing makes it insanely stashable. Not to mention it features a tripod mounting point, which makes it infinitely compatible with all sorts of carry and stabilization solutions. There’s no case needed, no eye cup protectors included—it’s no fuss magnification in a stylish, yet rugged package.

James Brand Palmer Utility Knife

Via The James Brand

Box cutters are handy, but they sure aren’t the prettiest looking tools. James Brand looks to change that with their new Palmer utility knife. When the blade is retracted, it’s hard to even tell what this thing actually is. The anodized aluminum handle is cleanly designed and could pass as a mini hard drive or a bit-tool. Except it’s not one of those. The push-slide action to deploy the blade has this buttery flow to it and fits perfectly into a coin pocket (we got some hands on time at their booth during WindUp NYC last weekend). According to James Brand, changing the blade out requires no tools and the actual mechanism is patent-pending. The Palmer definitely appeals to those who can’t quite get down with carrying down a pocket knife, but still need a similar tool that’s subtle and unintimidating. For a retail price of just $59, you get a nicely designed, everyday utility knife that’s friendly on the wallet.

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