Watches, Stories, & Gear: The 1001-HP Lamborghini Revuelto, Bremont Activates DRS in Updated WR-22 (Spoiler Alert: April Fools!), The Last Overland is Coming to the U.S. & More

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Header Image Via: Road & Track

New Titanium Road Bike By Mosaic: RT1-ITR

Via Mosaic Cycles

We love titanium watches (well most of us). And when we see the durable and lightweight material used in other EDC gear and gadgets, we love that too. Mosaic Cycles, known for their titanium bespoke road bikes using modern tubing designs, recently announced the RT1-ITR. This updated version of their flagship RT-1 is re-imagined with a 35mm tire clearance which provides an ideal balance between performance, traction and comfort. Like all Mosaic titanium models, the RT1-ITR uses a double-butted titanium tubing system that can be customized to the rider’s fit requirements, ride-preferences and build configurations.

Via Mosaic Cycles

That’s just the tech-y information. The Mosaic RT1-ITR is a mean looking thing. The drop bars and thicker tire system add an aggressiveness to the design, while the titanium sheen balanced by the brown tire accents make this entire package on two-wheels everyday eye candy for the owner and for those who happen to see this thing whizzing by.

All-Bull: Lamborghini Introduces The Revuelto

Via Road & Track

Speaking of aggressively designed, this week Lamborghini revealed the successor to its raucous flagship hypercar, the Aventador. It’s called the Revuelto, and it’s a gnarly looking thing. Like most Lamborghinis, the Revuelto receives its namesake from a Spanish fighting bull. According to bullfighting lore, Revuelto was a rambunctious animal. With a wild personality at his core, you never knew what to expect when he was released into the arena. Along with the rough translation of the word meaning scrambled, or mixed, it’s the perfect name to describe the new Lamborghini’s complex drivetrain.

Via Road & Track

Without getting too in the weeds, the Revuelto uses a unique drivetrain that comprises two oil-cooled axial flux electric motors for each front wheel. But what makes the Revuelto different from any other hybrid hypercar is a 3.8 kWh battery positioned longitudinally, acting as a backbone for the carbon fiber monocoque body. Main power comes from a naturally aspirated V-12 equipped with a wide array of updates including upgrades to the valvetrain and pistons, all of which synergistically blasts 1001-hp. If those specs don’t scream exotic hybrid hypercar, then the saturated orange that the Revuelto gets dressed in will. Road and Track has the full scoop on the new Lamborghini Revuelto, here.

Bremont Utilizes Drag Reduction System Technology (DRS) To Make The World’s First 100% Accurate Watch 

Via Bremont

In Formula 1, everything about the car’s weight, body and mechanical construction is accounted for. Every gram. Every curvature. All amounting to a mere fraction of a second to gain a competitive edge, especially when a car is in a designated activation zone, and DRS (Drag Reduction System) is deployed. Bremont, whose namesake is no stranger to being on the grid, is also familiar with tapping into their R&D department to make the industry-changing innovations to their watches. The latest to come from The Wing uses the very technology that gives an F1 car an advantage on the track and the result is the world’s first 100% accurate watch.

Via Bremont

The new release from Bremont is essentially the WR-22 – Bremont’s first racing-inspired chronograph equipped with a bi-directional tachymeter ceramic bezel made in partnership with Williams Racing as their Official Timing Partner. This new piece however, features a rear wing case apparatus, similar to that on an F1 car, directly above 12 o’clock that, according to Bremont, applies a significant amount of downward force and thus, increasing the case’s aerodynamic qualities.

Via Bremont

If you’re scratching your head at this one, or have already scrolled down to the comments section to give your two (or ten) cents on this new release, well then Spoiler Alert: this watch does not exist. I mean, of course it shouldn’t – the idea that an addition to the case impacts the accuracy of the watch doesn’t make any sense. Check your calendars folks. It’s April 1st and you know what that means. In an annual Bremont tradition (like many other brands), the watch brand has celebrated April Fools day by playfully releasing odd-takes on their watches as a joke, and the updated WR-22 with a rear wing attached to the case might just stand at the top of that podium. I think we can all be in agreement here to keep this one buried in a drawer somewhere in The Wing. Happy April Fools day.

The Last Overland Coming to the USA

Via Grammar Productions

We’ve highlighted The Last Overland a couple of times here on WSG. The fact that Alex Bescoby and his team were successfully able to return one of the Land Rovers which completed an overland trip from London to Singapore back in 1955, back to its home grounds is quite the mind-boggling feat. Bescoby’s book and TV series entitled, “The Last Overland” documents their entire journey and has been a hit in the countries it has been showing in. And although it hasn’t been released in the United States (unless you clever few have somehow used a VPN service and have already streamed it that way), Besoby will be making his way stateside to talk about all things overlanding and land rovers. His first stop will be at the 30A Sand Rover Rally that will take place in South Walton, Florida from April 14th to the 16th. Then he’ll be making a stop in the Big Apple on April 18th to speak at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan. That will be hosted by Bremont and appropriately so being that Bescoby is a Bremont ambassador. If you’re a fan of The Last Overland or a Rover enthusiast, and local to those areas, you can find more information about the U.S. tour here.


Serica Stories Debuts 

Serica prides itself on making not only a devilishly handsome and distinctly designed watch, but an actual tool built to be used in the very environments it was made to withstand. In a new series entitled Serica Stories, the brand aims to share the various lives their watches live and more interestingly, features the people behind them. The first episode highlights friend of the brand and budding professional diver, Sébastien Jung as he explores his home on the island of Corsica. The video features its fair share of diving and trekking through the neighboring snowy mountains. It pretty much encapsulates what the Serica 5303 diver is all about and we’re looking forward to more storytelling from the French darling microbrand, Serica.

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