Watches, Stories, & Gear: The Nothing Ear (2) Might be the Best (and Coolest) Apple Airpod Alternative, What Superluminal Travel Actually Looks Like, & the World’s Most Visited Art Installation in Times Square, But Nobody Knows It’s There

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Header Image Via: Nothing Tech

Don’t Want To Follow The Wireless Headphone Crowd? Peep The Nothing’s Updated  Ear(2) 

Via Gear Patrol

For the longest, I have been “anti” Apple Airpods. I always thought people looked silly when they had those little white apparatuses sticking out of their ear canal and even sillier when I would see someone having a phone conversation, but to my eye, it looked like they were talking to themselves. Well, I’m ready to eat some crow, because as I’m writing these very words, I currently have a set of Apple Airpods Pro snuggled in and I do not hear a peep from the outside world. I now understand the appeal. They’re convenient and they sure do beat lugging around my Bose Comfort 45s.

Via Gear Patrol

But this WSG story isn’t about the Apple Airpod. It’s about another set of wireless headphones that could be a solid alternative in the event you were wireless-headphone-curious and didn’t want to look like everyone else. The Nothing Ear (2) is the latest from the London-based tech company whose main mission is to “remove barriers between people and technology,” and an upgrade in every way from the Ear (1).

Via Gear Patrol

Tucker Bowe of Gear Patrol recently published an in-depth review of the new Nothing Ear (2) and I must say, it makes a strong case as an Airpod competitor. The upgrades alone from the initial Ear (1) are a plus – a comprehensive ear test and equalizer allowing for a custom sound profile, better noise cancellation, and Bluetooth multi-point allowing for two devices to simultaneously connect directly to the headphones. And the best part, well in addition to the IP54 water-resistance rating, the Nothing Ear (2) retails for $149. A full one hundred dollars cheaper than the Apple Airpod Pro. For Bowe’s entire review, head on over to Gear Patrol, here.

The Beast Is Back: Polestar Unleashes A Beast-Spec Polestar Edition 230

Via Car and Driver

Often you hear designers of a successful product say, “I just wanted to make something for myself.” Thomas Ingenlath, the CEO of EV darling Polestar, had already created a major presence in the world of thoughtfully designed electric vehicles. But back in 2020, Ingenlath tasked his design team to create something totally unique to him for his own personal use. The result was a factory-one-off known as “The Beast” which would go on to inspire the limited edition Polestar 2 BST edition 270.

Via Car and Driver

The Polestar BST edition 230 boasts over 150 upgrades including an update to software performance, blacked-out diamond cut alloy wheels, and a dual-motor electric powertrain capable of pumping out 476hp. For additional details, Car and Driver has the scoop here.

What The Universe Looks Like When Traveling Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Via The Brighter Side of News

We’ve seen this scene in our favorite space movie or TV show many times. The character is in his or her spaceship and they’re flying through the universe at ungodly speeds while on the outside – space, light, and time itself gets warped until they magically appear at their next destination. Think the Mandalorian and Grogu jumping through the galaxy at hyper-speed. According to this article we stumbled upon from Brighter Side of News, theorists from universities in Warsaw and Oxford proposed that what we see on screen might be too far off. Recent theories state that observers moving faster than the speed of light would not only observe spontaneous phenomena, but also particles traveling simultaneously along multiple paths. There’s only so much we can coherently describe as to why this happens so we’ll let the article do that for us. We’ll happily just stick to watching the Mandalorian.

A Time Square Sound Art Installation We All (Well, Most Of Us) Never Knew About

What if we told you that the most visited art installation in the world is right in the middle of Times Square in New York City, but mostly everyone that visits, has no idea that they’re experiencing it. That’s over 300,000 people on a daily basis – ten times the amount of people that go to see the Mona Lisa. But you can’t see it. You hear it. That’s because it’s a sound art installation called Max Neahaus’ Time Square. Back in 1977, Max Nauhaus installed speakers alongside homemade sound generators underneath the subway grate surrounding the triangular pedestrian walkway in Times Square. Since then, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, amongst the honking, sirens, construction and the occasional, “Hey! I was walking here!” or something of that nature,  a hum resembling that of an after-ring from a large bell resides within “The Crossroads of the World.” So next time you’re there, acknowledge it. Maybe flag someone that is walking by and let them in on the secret too, because chances are, they don’t even know it’s there. And if you’re in need of re-centering in one of the most busiest places in the world, close your eyes, shut everything out, and just listen. That’s what it’s there for.


Nite Ize DoohicKey+ Tool


REI, like Target or any other store of the same  ilk, is a dangerous place. Usually you go in for a couple of things, and by the time you’re checking out and swiping the credit card, you’re looking at a handful of stuff that you don’t even need (sometimes the two things you went in for are nowhere to be found). We’re all guilty of it. The Nite Ize DoohicKey+ Tool is one of those little knick knacks that you can’t help but throw in the basket while you’re waiting in line at REI (s/o James Stacey of TGN for the recommendation). It’s a stainless steel multi-functional carabiner that’s no larger than your average wrist watch. The DoohicKey+ Tool has many features that while in a bind, could be clutch when you’re on the move and don’t have the normal quiver of edc. It comes equipped with a phillips screwdriver, serrated edge, bottle opener, and a scoring point. It’s also airport-friendly, easily stowed (or you can just use the carabiner), and the best part, it’s only $6.50. We don’t blame you if you throw a couple of these in the basket the next time you’re at REI, matter of fact, we encourage it!

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