A G-Shock Classic Gets The MR-G Treatment With The MRGB5000

There’s no mistaking the thought and detail that goes into the G-Shock MR-G premium collection. Each MR-G watch is a finely constructed combination of design, function and innovative materials. Take for example the MRGB2000R1A that comes with a bezel furnished out of recrystallized titanium and is adorned in a unique Bishamon tortoise shell finish that pays tribute to the Bishamonten armor used by Japanese warriors dating back to ancient times. Or what about the MRGG1000DC1A formed entirely out of a titanium 6-4 alloy and carefully incorporates a DLC coating to specific individual parts of the case. It’s safe to say that the MR-G collection is the crème de la crème of their entire lineup. This week G-Shock unveiled a couple of new additions to the MR-G collection with the MRGB5000, taking the classic DW5000 and giving it the MR-G treatment.


The MRGB5000 does not come with your typical DW5000 resin bezel. Instead, the MRG5000 comes fitted with a bezel fabricated out of a cobalt-chrome alloy that G-Shock calls COBARION. According to G-Shock the alloy is four times harder than pure titanium and has the distinct shine of platinum. The bezel is constructed out of 25 individual pieces and comes together through a four corner suspension system and a cross bar mechanism. Each bezel piece is finished with a  Sallaz polish which is a technique used to smooth out metal surfaces to a point where the metal gives off a black appearance at various angles.

25 Piece Bezel Construction Individually Finished With Sallaz Polish.

True to the foundational design of the MR-G collection, both MRGB5000 models are built out of titanium. And not just your run of the mill titanium. The case is formed by a Ti64 titanium alloy and the bracelet out of another titanium alloy called DAT55G. The MRGB5000D1 sports the all metal look with a titanium carbide finish. At first glance there’s a stark appearance, but the MRGB5000D1 somehow remains restrained with its hardware, tool aesthetic. The MRGB5000B1 on the other hand gets a DLC coating and for the most part takes after the DW5000 aesthetic aside from the gold buttons and case accents that pop against the shiny black coating and provide a nice contrast.


The red line bordering the brick wall design is a trademark of the DW5000 and is a trait that is maintained with the MRGB5000. The bracelet appears to have a significant taper and ends at a dual button deployant clasp. Although this seems alien to me since I’m used to a resin band anchored by a pin and buckle, it’s a refreshing feature that will add a different experience when throwing it on wrist.

MRGB5000 Maintains The Classic DW5000 Red Line Border and Brick Wall Dial.

The MRGB5000D1 is a striking watch. It’s hunk-of-metal aesthetic appeals to me and thanks to the Sallaz polish, every corner and curve of the bezel is accentuated. The attention to detail even spans to the titanium bracelet as each recessed portion of the bracelet is finished as well. The additional texture added by the circular dimples on each bracelet link appeal to me as well and in my opinion, gives me a bit of a Cartier Santos bracelet vibe. Come to think of it, this is an integrated titanium sport watch that can do WAY MORE than just tell the date and time.

The MRGB5000D1 retails for $3,5000 and it’s DLC coated counterpart, the MRGB5000B1 retails for $4,000. Both watches are available for pre-order and according to the site, each watch is limited to one per household. G-Shock

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