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Editor’s Note: Since the beginning of worn&wound, it has been a goal of ours to introduce style and fashion into the conversation about affordable and well-designed watches. Our on-going series, Pairs Well With, is a testament to that fact. The following post is the first in an effort to achieve that goal by talking more in-depth about certain accessory items that are currently of interest to us. We feel that an appreciation of these types of items plays hand-in-hand with a love of watches, and that this new series will serve to strengthen the overall quality of our content. Thank you – w&w

These past few days I awoke to find a pleasant chill in the air, which as some of you living in New York City may know, is a welcome break from the sticky and humid heat of summer. If I sound biased already, it’s because I am. Fall is my favorite time of year and not just because of my weekend competitions with myself to eat more pumpkin pies then I did the last try. I love this season because it offers an opportunity that the previous months would condemn to misery–layers.

That’s right, cooler weather means mixing great color combinations, fabric textures, and tons of accessories, all without sweating through your shirt by the time you get to the office–no, no one believed that “two-tone” design excuse you’ve been using for the dark circles under your armpits. With that, I suppose it’s only appropriate that I share my excitement with the readers of worn&wound because naturally, men with great taste in watches certainly have great taste in everything else.

This first piece is a preview of some of the types of goods we’ll be spotlighting in the future. You can still expect the same great coverage of watches, but now we can put the cherry on top of what will ultimately be a well dressed men’s fashion sundae. You’ve surely gotten a taste of this with our Pairs Well With posts in the past, so to kick things off, here are five picks to jump start your fall fashion escapades.

The Herschel Supply Co. Walton Duffle Bag: There’s only so much a man can put in his pockets–whether you’re stuffed to the brim in cargo pants or limited to the confines of a tightly knit three piece suit. So to remedy that, designers make bags for every occasion.  If it’s a weekender bag you’re looking for, color yourself lucky because to kick things off, our first bag is the Herschel Supply Co. Walton. Made of canvas and polyester with decorative lining and leather detailing, it’s a premium travel bag without the premium cost. Herschel Supply Co. pays close attention to the details making the dual exterior zip pockets and hidden shoe pocket (for keeping those grimy kicks off your fresh slacks) a perfect blend of high fashion and serious function.  This $100 bag is available in black, navy, army green, and the Fall 2012 newly released rust color ways, making it a great option for taking a drive up to the cabin for the weekend or lugging some beers and a spare dry t-shirt to that football tailgate at your alma mater.

Clarks Desert Boots: I don’t care how well you’ve managed to match that camel strap watch with a maroon sweater and plaid button down, if you’re not rocking the right pair of kicks, it all ends up being little more than a fashion faux pas. The shoes tie it all together, so when you see your lady friends stressing over which heels to put on, cut them some slack. The challenge is no different for guys and fortunately, the boys at worn&wound are no slouches when it comes to picking which glass slippers to put on each morning.

Enjoy those fresh fallen piles of leaves by strapping up some boots and stomping until your heart’s content. This week’s pick comes from Clarks, a company that’s responsible for “international cult classics” such as the Wallabee (worn by the very popular ex-high school chemist, Walter White) and the dress it up or down all-star Desert Boot. The Clarks Desert Boot comes in a bevy of different colors and materials ranging from suede to Union Jack printed synthetic leather. For the purposes of picking a color as classic as the boot itself, our color of choice is the Beeswax leather style shown. Available online for $120.

Warby Parker Glasses: I have to confess that on more than one occasion I’ve been that guy waving at someone who had no clue who I was. I’m a friendly dude, but the reason you caught me smiling and returning the gesture was really because I couldn’t see who the heck you were and I thought you were waving at me. I wear glasses, or rather, I’m supposed to wear glasses, but find myself more often than not, forgetting them at home. When I do have a pair on (and ignore your wave as I know it wasn’t meant for me), you can bet it’s a pair of Warby Parker’s.

It’s a brand that follows in the same social entrepreneurship vain as TOM’S, where they donate a pair of prescription glasses  to a person in need for every pair purchased (one for one). They offer both prescription and non-prescription models of all of their glasses and sunglasses and prices are well below what you’re going to find in those lens shops in Soho. This week’s pick is the Winston model in “Striped Sassafras.” With polarized lenses and a sturdy build construction, the $95 non-prescription and $150 prescription shades are a fantastic way to enjoy afternoons tossing the pig skin around and not hitting an innocent bystander.

The Everlane Essential Belt: Have you ever seen a guy wearing a tucked in shirt and no belt? It just doesn’t look right. Maybe those pants fit him perfectly and he didn’t need a device to keep those pleats glued to his perfect waistline, but accessorize anyway, sir!

It’s always a good idea to match base leathers. Brown shoes–brown belt. Black shoes–black belt. Keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to mix up textures, buckles, etc. In this case, we’ve got a color for every occasion–brown, pewter, black, natural, rhum, and red leather strap options with silver or antique brass buckles are all purchase options available on “The Essential Belt” offered by Everlane.

J. Crew Leather iPhone 4/4s Case: Looking good isn’t just about what you see at first glance either. Let’s say you go hog wild and take all of our above advice and you’re looking all kinds of sharp at the bar, but then out comes your phone and it’s covered in some awfully cheesey plastic case. Tisk, tisk. Step up your game and add a layer of depth to your wardrobe by strapping one of these handsome leather iPhone cases onto your mobile device. Plus ten points for street cred, you. Available online from J. Crew for $28.

There you have it folks! A general idea of what’s in store as we celebrate the transition to cooler weather and layer glory. I look forward to bringing you more picks in the coming weeks and hearing your feedback on what you like, don’t like, and absolutely can’t live without.

Stay classy.

By, Tom Caruso

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