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Frank & Oak is a young fashion brand taking a unique approach to online retail. Based in Montreal, Canada, all Frank & Oak pieces are designed, manufactured and sold directly by the company, through their website, at remarkably affordable prices. Similar to the popular brand Everlane, this direct-to-customer approach allows Frank & Oak to eliminate the markups that come with traditional retail distribution and bring quality goods to consumers at low prices. To make things more interesting, Frank & Oak offers a special membership through their “Hunt Club” with perks like the ability to try clothes on at home for no charge, 10% store credit with purchases and free returns.

To gain access to the Frank & Oak shop, you have to register for an account, but the process is quick and painless. Once logged in, you’ll note that the style of the brand is simple and classic. Oxford shirts, classic wool sweaters, blazers and ties come in a variety of colors and materials. And while the designs aren’t particularly daring or innovative, it’s the prices that really draw you in. Currently, there is a selection of $45 flannel shirts, $25 – $30 oxfords, $75 blazers and $50 hat and scarf combos, just to name a few. The complete line also includes other items, like pocket squares, wallets and more. An additional perk of Frank & Oak membership is the ability to earn store credit for referring friends to the service.

I personally, have purchased a wool scarf from Frank & Oak, for the very reasonable price of $30, and I have been quite pleased by the quality. As the pieces in the the Frank & Oak collections are limited and often sell out quickly, there is no link available to the exact item I purchased. Needless to say, it is simple a color variant of their other wool scarves, of which there are many. The bottom line is, for $30, I received an attractive, well made product that would have likely cost considerably more from other outlets, plus I got the satisfaction of supporting a young brand.

With regular membership with Frank & Oak, you have access to all of the brand’s items while they last, and membership is free. Also free is a special membership in their “Hunt Club”. This is a unique shopping experience that I think only major fans of Frank & Oak will really take advantage of. Basically, as a member of the Hunt Club, you will be sent updates monthly on new products by Frank & Oak, with the opportunity to select pieces that interest you the most. These items will be shipped to your house so that you can try them on. You then have the option of keeping/paying for what you like and returning what you don’t at no charge. As a Hunt Club member, you will receive 10% store credit for purchases made from the collection.

This is a pretty outstanding deal for someone who really loves what Frank & Oak has to offer, but may be more hassle than its worth for someone just looking to pick up the occasional item. Nevertheless, this unique approach to online retail membership is really quite interesting, and one we can certainly see becoming more popular with other online only brands as they work to gain further advantage over the brick and mortar retail operations.

worn&wound is all about quality at an affordable price, and we’ve made a point of highlighting watch brands that produce well-made, attainable timepieces. The same goes for the clothes and accessories we choose to purchase and wear. So if you’re like us, you should definitely check out Frank & Oak, for their timeless design, great prices and unique shopping experience.

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