Wind-Up: New York City, Thanks for Coming!

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Wow… From the moment the doors opened on Friday at 3, and a rush of excited enthusiasts entered the space, Wind-Up exceeded our expectations. To say it went well is an understatement… and not just in terms of traffic. The space looked great, the energy was great, everyone had a wonderful time, a lot of watches and straps were sold. Getting to see all of these brands together at once was truly remarkable, and something that everyone from seasoned collectors to people who just walked in off the street enjoyed. It was unlike any watch show that has ever been held before, which is exactly what we wanted it to be.


In the coming weeks, we’ll be getting in all of the photos that were taken, video of the event and the panel, stats on all the details… So, this isn’t the official Wind-Up recap, so much as just a huge, HUGE thank you from us to everyone who came by and all of the brands that made the event as great as it was. Enjoy these teaser photos below, and be sure, we’re already thinking about the next one!

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