Wind^Up 2017: The After Party and Watch Spotting

The other day, we did our official Wind^Up 2017 recap with video and more… but since it’s the weekend, we figured we’d put together one more post, this time with a little photo spread from the opening night party, and then some watch spotting from Wind^Up.

This year, our friends at Tockr and REC graciously sponsored the opening night festivities. It was a great time as it gave the 34 brands and a handful of other folks a chance to catch up, have some drinks and talk shop.

Lastly, as you’d expect at a watch fair, there are plenty of nice watches on the wrists of those who attend. Here are but a few of the watches that came through during the show.


And that’s it, we promise! The next time you’ll hear about Wind^Up is when we announce the next show. Until then!

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