Wind^Up San Francisco 2018: Meet the Brands Part. 4

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Wind^Up San Fransisco is less than two weeks away, so be sure to mark your calendars for three days of horological goodness taking place May 18th through the 20th. For the full event details, visit the event website.

Last week, we brought you Part 3 of our roundup of the many great vendors you can expect at Wind^Up San Francisco. Today, we’re running through the final group of brands.


Based out of Denmark, REC is a watch company with a unique philosophy. They take junked iconic cars, harvest the metal, and utilize it to build unique looking timepieces that honor the cars themselves. REC


Based out of California, Seals often blends numerous military and historical references to create watches that are surprisingly unique. Case in point, the Model C Field Explorer shown here. Check out Seals’ latest at Wind Up. Seals

Those Watch Guys

We’ve had vintage at Wind^Up since the show began, and this year is no different with the return of Those Watch Guys, who focus on reasonably-priced vintage pieces that you’ll want to wear and not just stick in a safe. Those Watch Guys

Tockr (Featured Sponsor)

Making their second showing at Wind^Up, Tockr is a young company out of Texas producing aeronautical-inspired watches. Their aesthetic pulls from a very specific source—C-47 radial engines—which you can see on their watch’s incredibly detailed dials. You’ll have a chance to check out their entire line-up at the show. Tockr


Based in Portland, Oregon, VERO is a young brand creating modern, design-focused pieces that are largely produced in-house in their workshop. Their latest collection, dubbed the VERO SW, is an exciting take on an all-around sport watch, and you can check it out in the metal at the show. VERO


Vortic takes refurbished, antique American pocket watch movements and dials and puts them in American-made, 3D-printed titanium cases. As a result, each watch produced by Vortic is unique. Vortic will be showcasing their latest project, the Railroad Edition, at the fair.  Vortic Watch Company

Worn & Wound/ADPT

And last but not least, we’ll be there with our full lineup of products, including our full collection of ADPT straps. Swing on by to check out our entire range of straps, cases, tools and more. And yes, let’s talk watches. Worn & Wound Shop

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