Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017: Meet the Brands Pt. 4

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Okay, we’re in the home stretch now—Wind^Up is less than one week away! Today, we’re giving a shout-out to the final nine brands rounding out this year’s great show, which is once again taking place October 27th through the 29th at Chelsea Market in New York City. Remember, it’s free and open to the public, so swing on by and let’s geek out over watches.


Based in Boston, MA, Ian Schon designs and engineers American-made goods. His line of minimalist pens (we actually just released a collaborative pen) are well-known and regarded in EDC and pen circles. His most recent endeavor, however, is a watch with cases and dials largely made by Ian himself in his workshop. SCHONDSGN

Ian joined us on The Worn & Wound Podcast. Check that out here.


A fan-favorite, Stowa is a well-known brand among watch enthusiasts. The storied German company, now helmed by Jörg Schauer, produces timepieces that are historically inspired, but executed to exacting modern standards. And despite the high level of fit and finish, the watches are very reasonably priced. Stand outs include the Flieger, Antea, and Partitio. In fact, I’m wearing my Antea KS as I write this blurb. Stowa

Those Watch Guys

We’ve had some vintage at Wind^Up since the show began, and this year is no different. Joining us this time around are Those Watch Guys, who focus on approachably-priced vintage pieces that you’ll want to wear and not just stick in a safe. Those Watch Guys


Making their debut at Wind^Up, Tockr is a young company out of Texas producing aeronautical-inspired watches. Their aesthetic pulls from a very specific source—C-47 radial engines—which you can see on the incredibly detailed dials. You’ll have a chance to see their entire line-up at the show. Tockr


Based in Portland, Oregon, Vero is creating modern, design-focused pieces with American-made cases and movements from Eterna. Their minimal aesthetic sets them apart from other current “American-made” watches. VERO

Read our interview with VERO here.

Vortic Watch Company

Vortic takes refurbished antique American pocket watch movements and dials and cases them in American-made 3D-printed titanium. Because the old pocket watch movements were often hand engraved and have dials that have aged in unexpected ways, each watch produced by Vortic is unique. Vortic Watch Company

R.T. Custer of Vortic joined us on The Worn & Wound Podcast. Check that out here.

Wilk Watchworks

Based in Canada, Scott Wilk creates bespoke timepieces with wild dial textures and designs. On top of a catalog of ready-to-order pieces, he also does full custom watches where almost every major component can be tailored to the customer’s desires. Wilk Watchworks


Zelos has made a name for themselves with unique and at times complex designs that have utilized exotic materials such as Damascus steel and meteorite. Yet, despite the use of these typically high-cost materials, Zelos has maintained a very approachable price point. Zelos

Read our review of the Zelos Cosmos here.

Worn & Wound

And last but not least, we’ll be there with our full lineup of products. Swing on by to check out our entire range of straps, cases, tools and more. And yes, let’s talk watches. Worn & Wound Shop


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