Windup Watch Fair 2018: Meet the Brands Part 4

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Worn & Wound’s NYC Windup Watch Fair is less than two weeks away, and we are extremely excited to kick off the 2018 show. With an even bigger vendor list than last year’s fair, Windup is geared up to be the best one yet. If you haven’t already done so, then now would be a good time for you to mark your calendars.

The 2018 NYC Windup Watch Fair will be hosted at Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue) on November 2nd through the 4th. Hours of operation are:

Friday, November 2nd: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday, November 3rd: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday, November 4th: 11:00am – 7:00pm

We’ve got a killer lineup with a little bit of something for everyone, so whether you’re a long-time watch geek or a first-time watch buyer, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Today, we’re wrapping up our highlight of the great vendors making this year’s show possible.


Mondaine is a brand that needs little introduction. A true icon, Mondaine produces the official Swiss Railway watch. They’ve since translated that design into numerous wristwatches and house clocks, and you can check out their range in person at this year’s show. Mondaine


From the team that brought you Everest bands, there’s Monta—a young watch brand that is leaving its mark on the industry. They’ve  proven that a luxury watch need not cost an arm and a leg, with the entirety of Monta’s catalog offering an exceptional value and solid finishing. Check out their latest, the new and improved Oceanking and Skyquest GMT. Monta

Ralf Tech

Ralf Tech has been around for nearly a decade and has focused on creating technical dive watches that can take a knock or two. To that end, the brand regularly works with Commandos of the Marine Nationale, the members of GIGN Intervention Force, the operators of the Command Special Ops, among many others in the development of their watches. This is their second showing at Windup. Ralf Tech


Having been in existence for 10 years, Raven knows how to make a killer tool watch. If you’ve wanted to check out the Trekker, Venture II, or Endeavor before plunking down some coin, now is your chance. Oh, and how could we forget? You’ll also be able to check out the Trekker we created in collaboration with Raven. Raven

Schon Horology

Based in Boston, MA, Schon Horology is the brainchild of designer and engineer Ian Schon. His first watch has been dubbed The Dot, and it features handmade cases and stunning anodized titanium dials. Each watch is made-to-order, so you likely won’t see one of these outside of Windup anytime soon. Schon Horology


A fan-favorite, Stowa is helmed by Jörg Schauer and produces timepieces that are historically inspired, but executed to exacting modern standards. And despite the high level of fit and finish, the watches are very reasonably priced. Standouts include the Flieger and Antea, and Stowa has recently expanded their catalog with some exciting new pieces, which they’ll have on hand for you to check out at the show. Stowa

Those Watch Guys

We’ve had some vintage at Windup since the show began, and this year is no different. Joining us this for the third time are Those Watch Guys, who focus on approachably-priced vintage pieces that you’ll want to wear and not just stick in a safe. Those Watch Guys


Based in Portland, Oregon, VERO is creating modern, design-focused pieces with American-made cases and dials. Their minimal aesthetic sets them apart from other current “American-made” watches, and in the few short years they’ve been operating, VERO has grown by leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to check out their entire range, plus our collaboration watch, at this year’s show. VERO

Vortic Watch Company

Vortic takes refurbished, antique American pocket watch movements and dials and puts them in American-made, 3D-printed titanium cases. Vortic recently expanded into producing milled titanium cases for their Railroad Edition, which you can learn more about here. Vortic will be showcasing their latest watch, a collaborative project between Harley Davidson’s HOG magazine and the NAWCC. Windup will be the only place people can see the watch before it’s auctioned for charity. Vortic Watch Company

Wilk Watch Works

Based in Canada, Scott Wilk creates bespoke timepieces with wild dial textures and designs. On top of a catalog of ready-to-order pieces, he also does full custom watches where almost every major component can be tailored to the customer’s desires. Wilk Watchworks

Windup Watch Shop

As always, we’ll be there with all our leather goods, accessories, and of course, the watches we offer in the shop. If you’ve been eyeing a Model 2 Premium, a new watch roll, or one of the many watches we stock, then Windup’s your chance to check out these goodies in person. Even if you’re not in the market for anything, swing on by and let’s talk watches. You know you want to.  Windup Watch Shop

NAWCC (The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors)

Get ready to geek out over watches with the good folks of the NAWCC. Founded in 1943, the NAWCC also operates the National Watch and Clock Museum, which we had the good fortune of visiting a while back. Be sure to stop by their booth to learn a thing or two about some of the most incredible timepieces ever made. NAWCC


Zelos has made a name for themselves with unique and at times complex designs that have utilized exotic materials such as Damascus steel and meteorite. Yet, despite the use of these typically high-cost materials, Zelos has maintained a very approachable price point. Zelos

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