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Windup Watch Fair Discussions: Fortis

Fortis watches have been on a mission in recent years, undergoing a modernization while keeping their core identity at the forefront. Nothing highlights this more than their new collection of Stratoliner chronographs, which have been undergoing strenuous testing within the upper atmosphere of our planet. You read that correctly. At this year’s Windup Watch Fair in New York City, we took the opportunity to sit down with brand owner, Jupp Philipp to discuss the changes, the new watches, and what we can look forward to seeing from the brand in the near future. 

Jupp only recently took the reins at Fortis, and has quickly brought the brand back to the forefront of robust tool watches ready for adventures of any kind. Including the kinds that may soon happen off planet. His focus has been tight quality controls and pushing their internal development to maintain consistency in extreme environments. To this end, they have worked with the Swedish Space Corporation to test their movements in the earth’s upper atmosphere. Things will only get more extreme from here, as Jupp explains in this interview.


Join Blake Buettner and Jupp Philipps for their discussion below, and don’t miss all of our Fortis coverage right here. Learn more about the brand and view their current collection at Fortis.

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