Windup Watch Fair Video Interviews: Bespoke Watch Projects

If you’ve been to a recent Windup Watch Fair, chances are you’ve interacted with John McConnico, founder of Bespoke Watch Projects. His brand has become a staple at Windup Watch Fairs over the years, and John always brings a selection of new designs from his workshop in the Bay Area to share with guests at the show. We were happy to speak with John at the recent Windup Watch Fair in San Francisco about the origins of Bespoke Watch Projects, his latest dial and case designs, and how you can customize a watch for yourself on the Bespoke website.

John has been at the helm of Bespoke Watch Projects for nearly a decade, and as you’ll hear him discuss in this interview, his brand started small. In the early days, it was just John creating watches for friends and family, putting his design background to good use. Now, John offers customers an opportunity to choose their own dials and mate them with a case that’s the perfect size for their wrist. There’s an almost endless variety, and something for every taste, but even with new dial and case designs continuously introduced, the common thread remains a commitment to creating individualized, custom pieces that are as unique as their owners.

For the San Francisco show, John not only brought some of his latest dials, but also featured the new 38mm case that he introduced at the New York City Windup Watch Fair last year. This case has that perfect size that allows it to sit right at the intersection of dress and tool watch, and is a great showcase for Bespoke Watch Project’s impressive Intaglio dials.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with John. If you missed it, be sure to check out our recap of the San Francisco Windup Watch Fair right here, and watch this space for more information on upcoming events in Chicago and New York. And be sure to check out Bespoke Watch Projects at their website here.

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