Winter Sale and new Derby Model 2 Straps


Good day worn&wound readers! Being that winter finally hit and we’re all back to the daily grind, we thought, hey, this is a good time to give everyone a treat. So, have an additional Winterbreak from us! From now until February 13th, all of our Horween Model 2 straps are $10 off, making them $55, plus get an extra 10% off site wide on orders over $100 with code ‘WINTERBREAK’!


On top of that, we’re also excited to release Horween Model 2s in Natural Derby leather. After using the Derby on our Mil-Strap and Model 1 lines, we just had to make Model 2’s with it as well. It’s one of the most interesting leathers we’ve found yet, with a wild, organic grain that makes every strap unique. It’s also simply a gorgeous, fiery tan color that makes any watch stand out. Available now in 18, 20 and 22mm.

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