Worn & Wound Writer’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and we know that you’ll all be looking for that perfect holiday gift. To that end, we rallied the Worn & Wound team and put together a small gift guide to help you out. Now, we’re an eclectic bunch here, and these aren’t all strictly watch related, either, so there’s sure to be something for that special person in your life. Let’s get to it!

Mark McArthur-Christie – Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky

My love for things Japanese extends way beyond watches. Apart from hoping every year—forlornly—that my stocking will contain a Toyota 2000GT, I’d not turn down a Kuniyoshi Utagawa print or two either. But it’s the holiday season, so one needs a bottle of something to open, pour, and enjoy by the fire. Coming from a family of Scots I feel treacherous saying it, but steer south of the glens and head for the banks of the river Yoichi in Hokkaido and the Nikka distillery. While you’re there, pick up a bottle of Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky and you’ll be converted for life. The “Coffey” part refers to the designer of the still, an Irishman called Aeneas Coffey. The spirit Nikka produces from it is like Christmas cake in a glass—rich, fruity, citrus and plenty of spice. Kanpai, and Merii Kurisumasu! $55—Get it here

Allen Farmelo – Bang & Olufsen E8 Wireless Earbuds

A surprisingly small product category, wireless earbuds trounce clunky over-the-ear units while also clearing up the hassle of cables. I was slow to warm up to bluetooth audio because I know the sound-quality can be meh, but if I’m reduced to streaming audio on a smartphone (mostly podcasts, anyways), bluetooth simply isn’t going to be the weak link sonically. I shopped the category hard, and the B&O E8 earbuds were the obvious best choice—especially for those who can’t get the Apple earbuds to stay put—plus the B&O buds don’t look like you’ve left a Q-tip dangling from your ear. The pocket-sized case acts as a charging source for the E8s, and you’ll get four hours from the buds and two more four-hour charges out of the case. The sound is pure B&O: clear and honest, with none of the hyped bass, muddled mids, or fluttery treble that plagues so many earbuds. Connectivity is easy and reliable with all sorts of devices, gestural commands a breeze to learn, and the E8s have been flawless for hands-free phone calls. Like all B&O products, the design is world class and timeless. $299—Get it here

Jon Gaffney – Erika’s Original MN Strap

If you don’t have one of these yet, then ask for one now. If you have a loved one who doesn’t, measure their wrist and get them one. Erika’s Original MN Straps are incredibly comfortable (they have just the right amount of give) with a design that’s just too good. I’ve worn my straps hiking mountains, swimming in the lakes of Maine and the Atlantic, and on extended desk duty. Every collection needs one. ~$56—Get it here

Brad Homes – F705 Secrid x Freitag Cardprotector Wallet

Like many people, I carry less and less cash these days, so I appreciate a slim wallet for all my essentials. Secrid’s compact and functional cardprotector wallets give easy access to your most often used cards, and it comes with a money flap and RFID protection (you can’t ever be too careful). Produced in collaboration with Freitag, the F705 series features an upcycled aluminium card holder mechanism surrounded by used truck tarp in 39 unique designs. $95—Get it here

Ilya Ryvin – Lightning Magazine

If you’ve ever handled Japanese magazines, then you know they’re something truly special. Lightning Magazine is perhaps Japan’s best-known men’s magazine, and it also happens to be my personal favorite. Lightning’s thing is mid-20th century Americana, so vintage is definitely a big focus—everything from cars and motorcycles to denim, leather jackets, and watches. The only downside is that these are in Japanese, but the beauty of Lightning Magazine is that each issue is so rich in imagery that you can enjoy them without knowing the language. My go-to source for these is Kinokuniya (shout out to the store in Edgewater, New Jersey), which will ship direct from their Japanese warehouse to your home. $15-30—Get it here

Zach Weiss – Earos One Plugs

As a frequenter of small rooms with loud bands playing in them, I find myself questioning the health of my ears. On one hand, it’s very easy to go to the pharmacy and buy some earplugs; on the other, those orange traffic cones they expect you to shove in your ears ruin the quality of the sound you’ve just paid to hear. Solution? Earos. These clever little earplugs don’t block sound, they attenuate it. So instead of hearing a blunted, mushy, and undefined din, you hear what’s actually being played, just quieter. It’s like turning the volume down on the world (which has other great applications as well). At $40, these are a great stocking stuffer for the music fans in your life. $40—Get it here

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