worn&wound 2-Watch Fold, Now in Olive

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The 2-Watch Fold is a worn&wound original design that takes the convenient size of a single watch pouch, but adds a second pocket literally doubling it’s usefulness. Carry a second watch, a bunch of straps or perhaps your favorite EDC like a pocket knife or pair of sunglasses with the extra space. No matter how you look at it, it’s useful to have. Throw in the protective padding we line it with and stylish, hardwearing materials we make them out of, and you have a great, discreet way to store your watches on the go.

olive on olive
travel kit
the outer layer features dense padding
Olive Fold with a Speedy on a Wheat Model 2 Classic
easily fits a watch and average sized sunglasses

For our most recent iteration of the 2-Watch Fold, we went back to the American outerwear roots  of the design and used a monochromatic combo of 18oz olive waxed filter twill canvas and Horween Olive Chamois leather for the exterior, and lined it with warm, tobacco brown ultrasuede. Sometimes, simple is best, and these just look amazing. The mix of faded, scarred waxed canvas and rich, dark, oily chamois leather gives them a cool, worn it look right out of the packaging. Additionally, we used a denser foam for the lining than before, giving these a stronger, more rigid feel.

The Olive 2-Watch Fold is American-made and available now for $99 at shop.wornandwound.com

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