Zodiac and Huckberry Introduces a Wildly Capable LHD Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver with a GMT Hand and HEV

If you were tuning into our feed at the beginning of the year, we published an article where the entire Worn & Wound editorial team gave their predictions for what they thought would happen in the watch industry in 2023. Given the growing amount of watches with a GMT complication we saw released towards the latter part of the year, I started my portion of the article with a bit of an obvious take  – 2023 will be the Year of the GMT. And so far, it has been. I’ve written about six different GMT’s since we’ve crossed over into the new year and I don’t expect that to trend in the other direction any time soon. In addition to my soft ball of a prediction, I did “hope” to see more options with a slight change to the GMT format this year, where a dive watch design is put first, and then the travel component second. A Diver-GMT, if you will. Well it seems that Zodiac has gotten that memo.

The latest addition to the Diver-GMT space is the Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT. Zodiac has taken their core professional dive watch with the Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver, switched up the crown placement, added a fourth hand to track a second time zone, and added a helium escape valve for good measure.


The Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT is all business. Usually we’re used to seeing fun dial and bezel color combinations from the brand, but this new release is entirely the opposite. Aside from the splash of color from the orange accented GMT hand, water resistance rating on the dial, and the triangular zero marker, the Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT is totally monochrome. Case, dial, and all.

The entire stainless steel case is DLC-coated adding a layer of hardness to the case exterior while giving it a stealthy suit of armor in the process. The regular production Zodiac Pro-Diver uses a robust case and is one of the only models that sport a pair of crown guards. The LHD Pro-Diver GMT uses the same blueprint here – a 42mm case that sits 14.2mm above the wrist that’s water resistant up to 300 meters, except now the crown is positioned and constructed for left-hand drive to prevent the apparatus from digging into the back of right-handed wearers. There is still a crown on the right side of the case, but it has nothing to do with adjusting the time. The crown at two o’clock manages the helium escape valve ensuring the case doesn’t implode if you’re more of the adventurous type and find yourself ascending from the deeper depths of the ocean.

Image Via Huckberry / Zach Piña

Legibility during the day won’t be an issue as the stark white markers provide high contrast against the black dial and bezel. Don’t worry about dial and bezel visibility during low-light situations either as the aforementioned markers are hit with C3 SuperLuminova. The elapsed-time bezel is fully indexed and a 24-hour split scale is displayed within the rehaut to assist with keeping track of that second time zone. If you need any reminders of what the LHD Pro-Diver GMT is capable of, or just need some reading material while waiting in line at the grocery store, then just refer to the five lines of lower dial text.

The Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT is powered by a movement that we’re starting to see more and more within the GMT space. And that’s the Soprod C125 automatic movement equipped with a GMT module. The movement comes constructed with 25 jewels, 42 hours of power reserve, a COSC certification, and an independently adjustable GMT (24-hour hand) marking this very capable diver of the “caller” GMT variety.

The Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT is a rugged and stealthy watch ready to take on anything you put in its way. It’s a different, more serious take on the already serious Zodiac Pro-Diver. That said, you still get the whimsical character you normally see from Zodiac, but it comes in the form of added technical features that dramatically changes how this watch looks. I’m just giddy with excitement to see more Diver-GMT options make their way into the market, and the Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver offers up a watch that whether you’re keeping track of home time abroad, or sitting in your office chair tracking another time zone, has some serious dive chops.

The Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT is a release that partners up with outdoor apparel and gear outfit, Huckberry. A very appropriate collaborative partner given the taste in products that Huckberry offers and puts to good use. If you’re interested to see this watch in a more adventurous context, then I suggest you head on over to a recent Huckberry Journal article we highlighted in “Watches, Stories, & Gear” that features the new LHD Pro-Diver GMT on the wrist of famed explorer, diver, and conservationist Andy Mann.

The Zodiac LHD Pro-Diver GMT retails for $2,295 and delivers on a 20mm accordion-style rubber strap, an accompanying world time zone map as well as Zodiac’s two-year warranty. For more information, head on over to Zodiac Watches and Huckberry, and let us know your thoughts about this latest Diver-GMT release from Zodiac in the comments below.

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