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A Closer Look At Raven And The Trekker 39

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At this year’s Windup Virtual Watch Fair, Raven debuts the Trekker 39. The planning process for this diver began about a year ago, when Raven founder Steve Loughlin debuted the Raven Solitude at Windup New York. At that time, there was no way to predict the events of the year ahead, but needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted everyone’s plans substantially. In a virus free world, the Trekker 39 would have made its debut at the first Windup Chicago earlier this summer. That possibility, of course, was taken off the table as the public health situation rapidly shifted across the United States throughout the spring and summer, and manufacturing facilities all over the world experienced delays. Now, months later, and at the first virtual Windup event, the Trekker 39 is finally here. It might not be how Steve, or any of us, thought we’d be getting a first look at this new watch, but it doesn’t take anything away from its inherent appeal.


The Trekker 39 is available in 4 dial options, each with 2 bezel options, for a total of 8 variants. Depending on how you spec it out, the Trekker 39 can be either a subdued, traditional diver, or something a bit more fun and flashy. The highlight of the watch, for many, will be the reduced size, the watch’s namesake. It comes in at 39mm, but maintains the same dial size as the previously released 40mm version, resulting in a watch with a thinner bezel in proportion to the dial and crystal, and a subtly more vintage flavored look and feel. 

That thinner bezel has a dramatic effect on the impact of the watch depending on which option is chosen. Raven is offering the Trekker 39 with either a lumed ceramic bezel in black, or a brushed stainless steel bezel with lume at 12 and black filled markers everywhere else. Both are striking in their own way, with the ceramic having a bit more of a luxurious, modern feel, and the stainless steel option reflecting something more akin to a pure tool watch.

Date and no-date versions are available, powered by the Miyota 9015 and Miyota 90S5 respectively. The bracelet is a flat jubilee style, but the links have been brushed to keep the bling under control, which is exactly what you’d expect from a Raven diver. Subtle polished chamfers on the Trekker 39’s case further play up the vintage vibe, and provide the illusion of a case that’s slimmer than it is, although at 13mm (including the 2mm sapphire crystal) this is hardly unwieldy for a 300 meter diver. At the end of the day, this is a compact and wearable watch, with a lug-to-lug measurement of 47mm and a bracelet that tapers a generous 4mm from a full 20mm width at the endlinks. The Trekker 39 also features drilled lugs, X1 blue Superluminova on the dial, hands, and bezel, gloss dials, and polished hands. The watch is priced at $700.

The Trekker 39 isn’t the only 39mm diver Raven has in their catalog. Also released in 2020, but on a much more limited basis, was the Bronze Trekker 39. Similar in format to the stainless steel Trekker, the bronze version runs on an ETA 2824 movement and was limited run of just 30 pieces. Steve has about 4 available at the time of this writing, so get in touch if you’re interested in picking up one of the few remaining. The Bronze Trekker 39 sells for $980. And if you miss out on this run, don’t worry: it will return in 2021, but will remain a small batch item.

Fans of Steve’s work with Raven are likely aware that in the last few years he’s been dabbling in a space that a lot of watch obsessives also play in: the world of knives. Finch Knife Co. was founded in January 2019 by Steve and Spencer Marquardt, and 2020 saw several new knives coming from the upstart brand that make wonderful companions to Raven’s watches.


The popular Runtly is currently in its fourth production run, where it will be produced in its three original colors: Ghost Green, Yellow Belly, and Black Shiner. New designs, the Holliday and the Cimarron are currently in production along with the new run of Runtlys, and will be in stock and ready to ship in November and December. 

While Raven watch designs, and their inspiration, are easily understood by anyone with a working knowledge of watch history, the Finch knives don’t necessarily spring from the expected places. Steve and Spencer are inspired less by what knives traditionally look like, but by the culture of the “Everyday Carry” scene, collectors, and adventure seekers. The Runtly, for example, was inspired by vintage fishing lures, and the Model 1929 is based on an impression of Grand Teton National Park (and is named for the year of its founding). The upcoming Holliday is named for Doc Holliday, and recalls the simplicity of an old-fashioned doctor’s or pharmacist’s knife. This highly anticipated release will be available in snakewood, white bone, and black linen micarta, highlighting Finch’s adventurous use of materials. 

Finch knives, like Raven watches, are designed to be used in the field, and feature 154CM blade steel, a material originating in the United States that’s well regarded for its durability, edge retention, and an ability to resist corrosion over time. Stainless steel or ceramic ball bearings in Finch knives ensure smooth action for the life of the knife. Finch knives range in price from $89.00 to $149.00.

For more information on Raven watches, be sure to check out their website here. Finch can be found at

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