A Statement from the Worn & Wound Team on Justice and Equality

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Now there’s a title you probably didn’t expect to ever see on Worn & Wound. You’re not alone. We’ve never viewed the Worn & Wound platform as a place to discuss politics, social issues, or pretty much anything but watches. But the movement currently taking place in America in support of justice and equality after the murder of George Floyd is monumentally important and we feel it is necessary that we take a moment to share our support.

The Worn & Wound team stands with all of those working so hard to achieve a more equitable and just society – the peaceful protestors, the community organizers, the non-profits, the citizens. Change is only possible when we all use our voices, platforms, votes, and dollars to support what’s right. This is our attempt to do just that. 

The unequal treatment of black men and women in America has to stop. The disenfranchisement of communities of color must come to an end. The world needs to hear it – Black Lives Matter.

If you’re looking for organizations to support, here are a few suggestions:

We hope everyone in the Worn & Wound community is well during this very difficult time. 


The Worn & Wound Team

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