A Week in Watches Ep.5: The Return of the Tudor Ranger (w/ Hands-on Video)

Get ready for a special edition of A Week in Watches that features some cool stories, a new question from the audience (a tricky one at that), and takes us out of the office and across the pond to London for the launch of the new Tudor Ranger.

Next week, we’ll hopefully be recording on-site at the Windup Watch Fair Chicago, where we’ll take a look at new releases from the fair.

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As you might have guess, this week’s episode was brought to you by the Windup Watch Fair Chicago! Yes, our wildly fun watch fair series is coming to Chicago and soon! It’s FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC July 15 – 17 come check out over 40 brands at Venue West in Chicago’s West Loop. For more information, hours, etc… check out windupwatchfair.com

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