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NOVO watch wants your help in launching their latest design, The Badge. The brand, which has a series of existing watches targeting the market of action sports with names like The Street, The Unknown, The Absolute and The Mayhem is using Kickstarter to raise funds for their next project.

Badge White and Black

The Badge is an interesting watch with an unconventional dial design. Rather than using the traditional three hands for telling the time The Badge instead uses marked rotating discs that peek through openings cut into the dial. Each of the markers are different in size to tell them apart: the minute marker is thicker than the seconds marker and the hour marker thicker than the minute marker. It is essentially like having just the tips of the hands floating around the dial. There are no hour or minute markers on the dial to assist with accurate to the minute time keeping. Based on the brand’s motto of “…sometimes it’s less about telling you the time and more about reminding you not to waste it” the lack of markers makes sense.

NOVO Watch – The Badge – How it Works from Curtis Huisman on Vimeo.

Taking center stage of the dial is the NOVO watch logo embossed right in the center of the dial. The dial will come in three color choices: black, gold and white with the bottom “dial” in black, gold, white and brushed. In most cases the second dial color matches the upper dial, with the exception being the white dial with the brushed under dial. Also the case will be in three different finishes: a sand blasted black IP, brushed rose gold IP plating and a brushed stainless steel.

Badge Gold

The case measures in at 45mm and has thick wire lugs. with sprig bars. Above the dial is a mineral crystal and the watch has a height of 10.5mm. The Kickstarter page lists the “band width” at 4.2mm, which must be the strap thickness, and has 22mm lug spacing. The straps offered are all leather with the buckle and strap rivet embossed with the NOVO logo and text. Watching the video for the watch it is clear it has a quartz movement, although the exact one is never mentioned.

Badge Lineup

The Badge is an interesting watch that makes an attempt to be different than your traditional three hand time piece. NOVO watch is hoping enough people think so to get the new model off the ground. It will take you $200 CAD to pick up The Badge via the Kickstarter campaign (which closes October 21, 2014). Other pledge levels include The Badge plus another model, The Unknown for $390 CAD, and two Badge watches for $400 USD. For more information and to pledge yourself pop over to their Kickstarter page or the NOVO website.

Badge Chart

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