Bulova Enters The Metaverse With D-CAVE Computron

Bulova may not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of things like NFTs and the metaverse, but their latest collaboration with D-CAVE takes the digital universe head on with a pair of new Computron LED watches. D-CAVE is a lifestyle metaverse marketplace for the new digitally minded community, and their partnership with Bulova comes with all the digital features you’d expect. I’ve not a clue what a lifestyle metaverse is, but I do like the Computron, and these two examples push them a bit further into the strange. Less Battlefield Earth strange, and more Kung Fury strange, which is to say, the good kind of strange. 

The new Computron watches embrace a black and green theme with design cues that appear fit for sci-fi movie prop status. One of them, the Special Edition version, gets a clear exhibition top, allowing a view to the circuit board within, embracing the watch’s contrast to more traditional watchmaking. This version will only be available through a unique NFT drop taking place on March 24th, which will also grant a wearable version to use on avatars and access to all future NFT drops of D-CAVE.


This happens in a digital place called Decentraland, where a collection of 1,000 phygital NFTs will be released. Owners of the NFTs will get access to a wearable version of the physical Computron watch. If you’re not sure how to do things like access virtual realms or buy NFTs, or what words like metaverse and phygital mean, you’re not alone, and you can still buy (as in pay money and receive a physical product) a closed top Computron collaboration. 

The Computron is a classic Bulova design from the ‘70s that was brought back to life in 2019 in gold, steel, and black colorways. The design was faithfully retained with a single button at the case’s side to call on any of the watches features. An integrated rubber strap or full bracelet was offered, and these designs remain for the D-CAVE collaboration. 

Pricing for the Computron D-CAVE is set at $450, and for the first time ever, Bulova will accept cryptocurrencies as payment using BitPay. The Special Edition is available exclusively via the NFT being offered in the D-CAVE lifestyle metaverse marketplace. Bulova

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