Christopher Ward to Pay Tribute to NHS Workers with a C65 Trident Giveaway

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For readers in England, we wanted to point you toward Christopher Ward’s Instagram this weekend, as they’re running a promotion for the benefit of National Health Service (NHS) personnel that we think is worth highlighting. 

Beginning tomorrow, April 3, followers of @chriswardlondon can nominate an “NHS Hero” to receive a C65 Trident Dive Watch, courtesy of Christopher Ward. A total of 10 watches will be given away to NHS workers.

Here’s how it will work: Tomorrow, Christopher Ward will invite their Instagram followers to tag or name NHS workers in the comments of a particular post. On Monday, April 6, 10 NHS workers will be chosen at random to receive their very own C65 Trident diver. 

“We all owe a huge debt of gratitude for the work everyone in the NHS is doing on our behalf at the moment,” says Christopher Ward CEO and Co-founder Mike France. “This is just a small gesture to show our appreciation for their heroic efforts.” 

For more information on this campaign, head over to Christopher Ward’s Instagram tomorrow. @ChrisWardLondon

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