August 18, 2021
Everyday Carry Gear is Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
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When taking a look at the products in the Windup Watch Shop, it’s clear that we curate them with functionality and durability in mind. From tool watches of all kinds to our in-house ADPT straps and EDC watch folds, to rugged leather straps and accessories – each item is chosen or designed for everyday use. It’s important to us that the quality of the products we carry and their intuitive design features will benefit the owner for years to come.

With this focus on utility and design, it was the logical next step to bring in some of our favorite EDC, or “everyday carry” gear to complement the products we already have in the shop. From classic Swiss Army Knives to innovative key carrying solutions and super-bright flashlights, we’ve curated a collection of gear that we think you’ll love, and know you can use.

Even if you’re not familiar with the term everyday carry, or “EDC”, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already participating. Simply put, your everyday carry is the gear that you can’t leave the house without. Your watch, wallet, keys, pen, notebook, and pocket knife or multi-tool are the core set of essentials that you can’t get through the day without.

Everyone’s EDC will be different of course, depending on your profession, personal preferences, and individual taste in gear. Whether you prefer a more classic-looking vintage set of gear with bronze components, or a modern minimalist titanium set up, we’ve assembled a wide-ranging set of essentials that are sure to fit your needs.


Let’s take a look at some of the brands that are now available in the shop:

Finch Knives

From Steve Laughlin of Raven Watches and knife designer Spencer Marquardt comes Finch Knives. Designed in Kansas, these outdoors-inspired knives are a direct reflection of the passions and hobbies of the founders. One look at their knives, and you’ll notice the familiar vintage lines of their design. It’s not all old-school though, they make use of modern blade steels and handle materials like various colors of strong G10 fiberglass sheet laminate. We’ll be launching the EDC shop with their slim and modern “Cimarron” model and their stout and angular “Runtly”.

Shop Finch Here

Tactile Turn

Crafted 100% in-house at their Texas-based machine shop, Tactile Turn makes every component of their bomb-proof metal pens, even the springs and screws. The “tactile” in Tactile Turn refers to the custom grooved pattern machined into the surface of each of their pens, making them comfortable and easy to grip during those long writing sessions.

We’re carrying their popular Bolt Action and Side Click models in three premium metals — titanium, bronze, and copper. Titanium will look like new, while the bronze and copper models will pick up a patina that shows the more you use it. Made entirely in-house with a lifetime guarantee, the Tactile Turn pens are built for life.

Shop Tactile Turn here

Big Idea Design

Big I Design is a two-man brand that focuses on bringing innovative EDC pocket tools to the masses. Many of their tools are CNC machined from solid titanium, making them lightweight and tough as nails. Their eye for functional and compact designs is clear as day when checking out what they have to offer. We love their Ti EDC Wrench, which is an adjustable wrench that fits bolts from 3/16” to ¾” and everything in between.

Their Bit Bar is an awesome take on the pocket screwdriver and 8-bit set, all contained within the compact titanium housing. They make smaller accessories too, like the Ti EDS Screwdriver and Mini Pry Bar that are easy to carry and just as functional as their larger brethren.

Shop Big Idea Design here

Prometheus Lights

The hardest part about adding a flashlight to your everyday carry is finding somewhere to carry it. They’re typically large and bulky, which can be tough to just slip into the pocket of your jeans. Luckily, that’s not the case with Prometheus’ Preon lineup. The Preon P1 is a small, yet capable light that can light your surroundings with up to 100 lumens on a single AAA battery. The deep carry pocket clip makes them ideal for slipping into your pocket, while the tail click makes for quick and easy operation. Whether you’re charging up the lume on your Seiko or taking out the trash, one of these Prometheus Lights is ready for the task.

Shop Prometheus Lights here

check out EDC gear from Finch, Tactile Turn, Big Idea Design, and Prometheus Lights below:


The James Brand

Modern, minimal, and focused on function, The James Brand’s lineup of everyday carry gear is sure to get your attention. They’re kind of like the Sinn of EDC — minimally designed with a focus on function and technology. We’re happy to carry a small curated collection of their goods including the keychain-friendly Elko knife, multifunctional Ellis tool, Mehlville and Midland key carry solutions and the Stilwell pen.

All of their products are designed with close attention paid to the details, and it really does show in the product. Every design aspect has a purpose. With materials like titanium and CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum making up their goods, they exude quality you can see and feel.

Shop The James Brand here


Craighill’s minimalist keyring management tools are sure to add a level of style and refinement to your boring old keychain. We’re happy to add their Closed Helix and Wilson keyrings to the shop. The Closed Helix is a sturdy twisted wire with a knurled screw that keeps your keys in check, while the Wilson is an even simpler friction-fit metal loop. Both of these offerings make fussing with split rings a thing of the past, while adding a level of refinement to something as mundane as your keys.

Shop Craighill here

Nitecore Lights

Let’s be honest, the built-in flashlight on your phone just doesn’t cut it. Sure, it’s fine in a pinch, but you won’t know what you’ve been missing out on until you snag yourself a dedicated flashlight. We chose Nitecore to bring into the shop for two main reasons — they’re packed with functionality and they’re quite affordable. The TINI2 cranks out a 500-lumen beam (that’s blindingly bright for the uninitiated) and is housed in a compact aluminum chassis with an innovative OLED function display screen.

If 500 lumens isn’t enough, the TUP is capable of 1,000 lumens with similar features in a slightly larger form factor. Both lights contain integrated batteries and can be recharged via USB-C when they run low. It’s hard to beat the affordability and features that Nitecore is able to bring to the market.

Shop Nitecore Lights here


Victorinox is the brand behind the iconic Swiss Army Knife. With a wide range of products from the classic multi-tools, to ultra-durable watches, to travel accessories, Victorinox covers a wide scope but does it extremely well. With their watches already in the shop, it was a no-brainer to welcome some of their most handy tools as well. Whether you pick the Classic SD for your keychain, or the capable Climber to live in your pocket, these tools from the 130+-year-old Swiss brand are sure to come in handy on a daily basis.

Shop Victorinox here

Pioneer Carry

The days of carrying a fat, overstuffed wallet are over. Pioneer Carry’s lineup of modern and minimalist wallets is designed with slimness in mind. While there’s no denying that a nicely-patinated leather wallet has its merits, they’re heavy, bulky, and don’t do your back any favors when sitting down. By using modern high-performance fabrics and rock-solid construction techniques, Pioneer Carry’s Molecule Card Holder and Altitude Billfold achieve a super slim profile, while withstanding exposure to everyday wear. Both wallets are excellent options for holding your essential cards and some cash without the bulk.

Shop Pioneer Carry here

Cantonment Kerchiefs

While technically not a new addition to the Windup Watch Shop, Cantonment’s clever kerchief and woggle sets now have a new and better home. As much a pocket-friendly multi-tool as a keychain knife, Cantoment’s kerchiefs can be used for a variety of functions, from wicking away the sweat on your neck to carrying some foraged apples to cleaning the dirt off of your watch. By combining the 18.5″ squared super-soft cotton cloth with a studded strip of rugged nylon, the woggle, the utility of these seemingly simple clothes is limitless. Available in a variety of bright, colorful designs, they also add some style to your kit.

Shop Cantonment here

check out EDC gear from The James Brand, Craighill, Nitecore Lights, Victorinox, Pioneer Carry, and Cantonment below:

We’re excited to bring you this new curated part of the Windup Watch Shop and hope you have fun putting together your new EDC. Make sure to tag us in your photos (#windupwatchshop), with your daily EDC shots.

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August 18, 2021