First Look: The Klokers Klok-01 in Midnight Blue and Klok-08 in Two New Colors

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We’ve been fans of Klokers since they launched back in 2015, and they have just released a new version of their 44-millimeter Klok-01 with a midnight blue dial (now shipping), as well as two new colorways for the 39-millimeter Klok-08, a warm gray/orange and a black/absinthe yellow (both on pre-order). Both watches feature Kloker’s counter-clockwise quartz movement, their patented vertical time reading scheme, and Kloker’s patented quick-release strap mechanism, which instantly turns the watch-head into a handy clip-on clock (or Klok).

Both the new blue Klok-01 and the two new Klok-08s can be ordered on any number of straps, including a steel Milanese bracelet, a textile strap in four colors, or on Kloker’s straight strap. The straight strap, as the name suggests, doesn’t taper, remaining 18 millimeters from spring-bar to pin-buckle. Leather colors for the straight strap include caramel, ivory, and matte black, while the vintage blue is crafted from a vegan-friendly poly synthetic and the orange is made from alcantara, a durable synthetic fabric now finding its way onto Microsoft laptops and Porsche dashboards.The blue dial of the new 44-millimeter Klok-01 is adorned with only white text, and lots of it. What is inherently a very busy dial—a technical-looking circular slide rule with countless markings—is nicely toned down and more legible in this blue colorway. As one of the most unique watches available today, the new-found uniformity of this blue dial may prove a welcome addition for those who felt a bit sheepish about the busier colorways. With the blue Klok-01’s on the steel Milanese steel strap, all the color stays on the dial where it holds center stage. On the textile and straight straps, you can get as wild or sedate as you wish.


You can read our previous hands-on review of the Klok-01 to learn more about Klokers.

The new Klok-08 is available with dials in either a warm gray with orange markings or in black with “absinthe” yellow. The smaller diameter of the -08 with the black dial and a mellow strap color (say dark brown, black or taupe) is the most business-ready. Note that the yellow is quite muted, so it avoids the bumblebee effect so common with this colorway. The warm gray with orange dial completely transforms the Klok-08 into a playful watch reminiscent of a funky Bauhaus radio dial (some vintage Braun radios come to mind); throw any strap at this colorway and it’ll provide plenty of pop.

Both the Klok-01 and -08 sport Kloker’s distinctive red dot on the quick-release button at 8 o’clock, adding a discrete bit of primary color that’s also suggestive of Bauhaus design. However, that red dot remains discrete, and it’ll likely spend a lot of time inside a shirt cuff.

These watches use a Quartz counter-clockwise movement from the Swiss manufacturer Ronda. With high precision and grab-and-go convenience—not to mention a typically lower price point—Quartz is a fine option for these watches, but its counter-clockwise direction truly distinguishes this movement. When viewing the watch in action, it’s clear why the counter-clockwise direction is desirable: the left-to-right motion reads as forward for those of us who read in that direction.

Depending on your strap choice, the Klok-01 will run between $570 and $650 while the Klok-08 will cost somewhere between $510 and $600. Prices will vary with exchange rates. Klokers

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