From the Archives: The Lazarus Watch – Restoring a “Franken-Seiko” 6139 Chronograph

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As a watch collector, you inevitably discover the awesomeness that is the Seiko 6138/6139 chronograph. From “Pogues” and “Bullheads” to everything in-between, these vintage chronos are horological and design gems, and unlike the rest of the vintage market, they still haven’t jumped to astronomical heights as far as pricing is concerned. One challenge in acquiring these watches, however, comes from the fact that you really have to do your research beforehand. There are a lot of “Franke-Seikos” out there, and these chronos regularly get modified and, let’s be honest, ruined by less than trustworthy sellers.

Our own Mark McArthur-Christie wrote about his experience restoring such a watch, giving it the full spa treatment and a face lift to bring it back to its former glory. Check out that great story here.

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