G-SHOCK and the Ministry of Defense Team Up For a Carbon Core Based Limited Edition

The latest limited edition watch from G-Shock heralds the beginning of an official partnership between the brand and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense. G-Shock watches have been favorites of military personnel for years for their durability, reliability, and general toughness, so this new formal partnership makes a lot of sense from both sides. The special edition seen here takes the Mudmaster platform and gives it some very obvious military inspired style cues, as well as some new functionality. Let’s take a closer look.

G-Shock British Army x G-Shock Mudmaster 

  • Case Material: Carbon/Resin
  • Dial: Black
  • Dimensions: 55.4 x 53.1 x 19.3mm 
  • Crystal: Mineral     
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters 
  • Crown: n/a           
  • Movement: Module 5594
  • Strap/bracelet: Resin 
  • Price: Approximately $460
  • Reference Number: GGB100BA-1A
  • Expected Release: April


The GGB100BA-1A, like other recently released G-Shocks, uses the brand’s new Carbon Core Guard Structure to create a case that’s lightweight but as strong as any G-Shock ever made. As we’ve explored previously, the use of the ultra strong carbon material enables G-Shock designers to shave millimeters off of a watch’s measurements without giving up anything in terms of durability. The Carbon Core acts as a thin but incredibly strong shell that protects the vital electronic components of the timepiece, which in turn makes for a lighter, more wearable watch. The extensive use of carbon in the bezel has the same effect: increased strength, combined with reduced overall weight. 

The special edition British Army X G-Shock Mudmaster has been given an aesthetic treatment appropriate for its name, and this new partnership. The camouflage colorway is a riff on the British Army’s Multi Terrain Pattern, and the black dial is meant to be sleek and inconspicuous (at least, in G-Shock terms). This watch, in a way, is a G-Shock interpretation of a classic field watch, with attention given to watch’s weight and wearability, and an emphasis placed on legibility. 

Everything that makes a Mudmaster a Mudmaster is still here in the GGB100BA-1A. As the name implies, this is a watch that’s meant to resist not only shocks, but also the ingress of debris into the case. The Mudmaster employs a cylindrical button structure, specifically developed to keep mud, dirt, and grime out of the case.

Like most modern G-Shocks, this watch has a suite of functions that are fit for soldiers on active duty as well as civilians who just need a reliable, functional, timekeeper in all sorts of conditions. The GGB100BA-1A is equipped with G-Shock’s Quad sensor system, which includes a compass,  thermometer, altimeter/barometer, and step tracker. It also features the usual timers, alarms, and calendars G-Shock users expect. The most interesting new technical feature is a function within the G-Shock Connected app that allows for detailed location tracking and memory features, as well as mission log memory. 

The GGB100BA-1A will be available in April, with a retail price of $460. G-SHOCK

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