Introducing the Autodromo Group B with a Silver Dial

One of the things that I admire about Autodromo proprietor and designer Bradley Price is his ability to distill inspiration into his designs in ways that don’t shout, “I’m paying homage to xxxxx.”  Nowhere is that more true than in his Group B collection. In the hands of someone else, watches inspired by the infamous era of ‘80s car racing could have been a total disaster. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of horrendous automotive-inspired watches. But the Group B collection pulls it off without a hitch, utilizing an aggressive case design and dials accented with neon hues to hint at the source material without any sacrifice to the aesthetic beauty of the watches.

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Today, Autodromo is unveiling its latest entry into the series—the Group B Silver dial. We last saw this dial paired with a large aluminum mid-case in one of the two limited Evoluzione iterations released last year. Here, we have that silver dial placed in the original Group B case, which features a titanium module—consisting of the mid-case, bezel and case back—holding the movement, and a modular steel chassis that makes up the lugs.


Whereas past standard Group B dials were black, which provided contrast against the lighter steel and titanium case, the sunburst silver dial matches the tonality of the housing, giving the watch a surprisingly refreshing look. Furthermore, the silver brings out the dial’s dimensionality, emphasizing its different levels and fine details. And on top of that, the sunburst finish, at least in this context, gives the whole thing an industrial feel.

A ring of black offers some seperation beteen the dial and case.
The fine sunburst finish looks perfectly paired to the case.
The lume glows a neon hue in the dark.

On the wrist, the watch sings. The lighter dial, with its many facets and levels, mimics the case and plays with the light in a really dramatic way. I caught myself looking down at my wrist many times simply to admire the watch. As far as the way the watch wears, it retains its svelte dimensions and weight (a mere 52 grams), so it’s super comfortable throughout the day.The Group B Silver comes with all the usual trimmings, which include a handmade aluminum box and two straps—one gray, one yellow. The watch sells for $925, and it’s available from Autodromo today. Autodromo

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