Introducing the Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX, a Watch Inspired by the Fallout Game Series

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When you hear of a watch that’s inspired by the Fallout video game series, it’s likely that the iconic Pip-Boy 2000 will come to mind. It’s a clunky, wrist-worn computer with a green digital readout that tracks everything from your inventory to radiation levels in the post-nuclear apocalyptic world that Fallout is set in. Of course, the Pip-Boy is best left in a video game, and that’s why Laco and aBlogtoWatch teamed up to make a Fallout-inspired watch that you can wear around the office or on a weekend adventure without looking like you just crawled out of a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic world. 

The new RAD-AUX is based on Laco’s authentic line of flieger watches, but with the custom dial and case finishing techniques Laco introduced in their Erbstück (German for “heirloom”) line. Instead of brushing and polishing the watch, Laco applies rust, dents, scratches, and general wear to give their Erbstück watches an authentic aged look. The RAD-AUX, pulling from the dystopian Fallout universe, takes it to another level. 


Upon first look, you’d swear that this watch has been put through the ringer. Everything from the worn canvas and leather strap to the highly distressed dial and case look like they’ve been pulled from an alternate reality. The dial is painted to look like it has radium lume, the glowing precursor to tritium and now, most commonly, Super-LumiNova (as well as other non-radioactive compounds). Specs of dirt, a slight tropical fade to the dial mimicking radium burn, and an aged handset all make the RAD-AUX look like a vintage watch that’s seen years of hard use.

I really enjoy the use of orange accents throughout the dial. The hour markers alternate between a hashmark and a small orange dot. At the six o’clock position, there’s a radioactive symbol, the model name, and “RADIUM”—all three in the same shade of orange. While I wouldn’t call the RAD-AUX colorful by any means, the small accents throughout give the watch a much-needed pop.

Flip the RAD-AUX over and you’ll see a custom engraving on the caseback. There’s a scale of increasingly upset smiley faces (another nod to the Fallout series) as the amount of radiation increases. Since the concept behind the RAD-AUX watch is that it’s meant to be a back up to your Pip-Boy, the scale here would assist you in timing your exposure in the field. This is a fun little detail that pays homage to the game.

The RAD-AUX ships on a distressed green canvas and worn-leather strap. There’s also a removable leather bund backing included as well.

Even though the finishing is the star of the show, the underlying watch is no slouch either. The RAD-AUX is housed in a 42-millimeter stainless steel case measuring a reasonable 13 millimeters tall. Inside, there’s a reliable automatic Swiss ETA 2824 movement.

Laco and aBlogtoWatch are offering this limited edition of just 143 pieces for $2,950. In addition to the watch, you get some really cool packaging that plays into the theme, including an aged box and clever documentation (including a two headed bear version of the California state flag). Laco 143

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