Introducing The Serica 4512 California TXD With Enamel Dial

Serica is returning to their 4512 collection with a new configuration called the California TXD. The latest watch builds in a familiar format for the brand, with the popular field watch that put them on the map. Back in 2019, Serica launched with the W.W.W. WMB Edition, offered in both white and black dial variations, which gave way to the fully fledged 4512 collection a year later. The new California TXD brings the best parts of each together, with a white and black sector dial done in enamel. It’s a thoughtful elevation of the classic field watch done in Serica style. 

As the name suggests, it’s California style with Roman numerals on top, and Arabic on the bottom. The squat broadsword hands make a return, filled with light yellow lume to match the dial markers. This lume color first appeared on the original W.W.W. watches, but was toned down for the trio of 4512 models released. The California TXD continues to lean into the field watch slash stylish formal wear language we’ve seen with the 5303 and 4512, aided by the use of the bonklip bracelet.


The newest 4512 retains its 37.7mm steel case with distinctive brushed bezel. The oversized crown makes for easy use, and can be ordered at either the left or right hand side of the case. Thickness remains at 11.3mm and the lug span is 20mm making for a more substantial feeling on the wrist than the numbers might suggest. You can read more on the wear experience in our full review of the 4512 right here

Inside, Serica is using the hand wound Soprod P024 M with 40 hours of reserve. This is a departure from the STP1-11 that was used in the original 4512 watches, though a Soprod unit was also used in the 5303 with the Newton movement. 

The tuxedo (TXD) dial is the real star of the show here with the use of alternating white and black enamel, a material rarely seen in this price range. As nice as it looks in these images, generally enamel dials need to be seen to be fully appreciated. The contrasting dial elements push the 4512 further into formal territory without losing the military vibe that inspired them. 

The 4512 California TXD is priced at 575 EUR (~$630) and deliveries are expected to begin this June. Pre-orders are open now through Serica’s website. Serica.

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