Laco Hits The Sweet Spot With Their New Midsize Scorpion Diver

When I think about the German-based watch brand, Laco, the immediate thing I envision is a minimal, straightforward pilot’s watch that is stoic by nature. And with one look through their catalog, it seems that thought holds true, as pilot’s watches are very much in Laco’s wheelhouse. Laco boasts a wide ranging selection of pilot’s watches that run the gamut, including the likes of fliegers, navigators and chronographs. But diving deeper into their catalog (excuse the pun) you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a collection of dive watches under their Squad Watch/Sport Watch line.

The Laco Scorpion Mojave

Laco divers are sporty and utilitarian in aesthetic. And like most of their watches, they’re on the larger side. For instance, in their Squad Watch/Sport Watch collection, the Atacama diver comes in at a substantial 46.25mm and their Seven Seas diver is not leaner by much with its case spanning 45.8mm. In fact, the smallest diver within this particular collection is 42mm which by average wrist standards, is usually pushing the limit as far as how the watch presents visually on the wrist. That is until today, as Laco announces their Scorpion diver, in which they’ve taken a familiar diver in the collection and created a midsize alternative.


The Laco Scorpion diver still maintains the specs of a traditional diver – stainless steel case, screw-down crown protected by a set of crown guards, and 300 meters of water resistance. There’s also no shortage of lume on the Scorpion. The diver’s bezel indices, hands and markers are filled with SuperLuminova C3 that’ll glow that familiar green in low lighting.

The Laco Scorpion Atlantik

I think I’ve buried the lead enough here. The Laco Scorpion’s new midsize case proportions now measure 39mm in width and 13mm in thickness. Laco has not provided the lug to lug measurements for the Scorpion diver, but I think it’s safe to assume that they will be shorter than the 50.5mm lug to lug from its larger sibling, the Himalaya diver. The bezel is fashioned out of ceramic and provides a count up display. The bezel also sports gear-like shaped teeth, ensuring easy gripping and turning when it’s time to use the bezel.

The Laco Scorpion Amazonas

The Scorpion diver is surely related to a set of dive watches in the Squad Watch/Sport Watch collection. In dial layout and handset, the Scorpion diver is exactly similar to the Himalaya, Mojave, Atlantik, and Amazonas. The midsize diver uses a combination of Arabic numerals, vertical and horizontal rectangular markers, and a baton handset with a colored minute hand corresponding to its respective model. The signature cursive “Laco” balances out the “Automatic” and “30ATM” text, and at the very bottom of the dial, Laco proudly displays “Made In Germany.”

On the underside of the case, the Laco Scorpion diver appropriately displays an etched in relief image of a scorpion. Scorpions are diminutive, but more than well make up for their lack in size with their hard body casing and their ability to survive in the harshest conditions. They even glow a greenish-blue color when hit with a UV light. Small in size, durable and even their exoskeleton glow (akin to SuperLuminova) are traits found in Laco’s new Scorpion diver.

Laco does provide some options at 39mm within their range, but the pilot watch style is mostly dial, which translates to a larger wearing watch. The Scorpion diver at 39mm, combined with the way the Arabic numerals are pushed in towards the center, as well as the black dial, will make this watch wear much smaller and appeal to those who are on the narrow wrist-ed side and looking for a more wearable option in the Laco catalog. The Laco Scorpion will come with a variety of colored rubber strap options and houses the venerable Sellita SW-200.

The Laco Scorpion Himalaya

On a rubber strap, the Laco Scorpion will run you $1,130. For an additional $60, Laco is offering their new diver on a three link steel bracelet at $1,190. The Laco Scorpion diver will be available this month directly through the brand’s platform and through authorized dealers. Laco

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