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Our favorite Scottish based watch media crew, the aptly named Scottish Watches, is giving you the opportunity to design your own SWATCH Watch with original artwork themed around their lively content. The project is done in celebration of their 200th podcast episode in 2 years of production, and features original artwork from Canadian artist and illustrator Diana Evans (@dianaevansillustration on Instagram). All of this comes together in a Swatch X You portal, giving you the freedom to create a design all your own.

In a year full of trendy and often pricey collaborations (more on those coming to the site soon), this is perhaps the most entertaining and accessible entry we’ve yet to see. The show’s hosts, Rikki, Rick and Dave Sharp (@floatlite on Instagram, definitely worth a follow) worked with Diana to flesh out particular themes that emerged over the course of 200 episodes, and turn each into a beautiful illustration and evoking the spirit of Scottland in the process. Depictions of smiling haggis, thistles and of course the Loch Ness monster emerged into a flourishing pattern perfect for the Swatch X You program. 

The artwork is arranged upon a backdrop from which you can position your own Swatch, capturing a favorite scene or incorporating your favorite illustrations to be built by Swatch. A one-off to be sure, and it’ll only set you back $125. If you’re a fan of the show or even its proprietors this is a must have and a right show of support for their programming. 

Build your own Scottish Swatch Watch right here (for US based users) and catch their regular productions right here. More info on the project here.

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