Master Of G Characters, Assemble: Introducing The G-Shock Universe

G-Shock is on the verge of releasing a watch that pays tribute to the entire cast of Master of G characters encapsulated into one watch. Each character is inspired after a specific new feature or technology added to the Master of G Series since 1993. This particular series was and is still used as a testing ground for new innovations and to be introduced later into standard models. Commonly, these quirky animated characters are engraved on the back of each new Master of G watch, and even though they may not be seen visually on current models, these characters represent the progression of tech used in the very G-Shocks that we wear on our wrists today. Now the whole gang (18 unique characters to be exact) gets the spotlight to themselves with the G-Shock Universe.

At first glance, the G-Shock Universe appears to have this random distorted pattern printed onto the case and strap. In a way it’s dizzying, but draws the viewer in, sort of like an optical illusion. But once the eyes settle in, the characters slowly come into view. The bezel itself displays three Master of G alumni; Lungman, Riseman and Gulfman. The rest of the characters are intentionally printed throughout the strap and on the dial framing the negative LCD display.


The form of the G-Shock Universe is unmistakable, using the venerable DW5600 as the base for time telling and multi-functional features. The familiar square case silhouette with edged corners is made out of an even more familiar resin case and band. There has always been a wear-it-and-forget-it appeal with the DW5600’s feathery 56g weight and multiple module features. The only thing you would have to worry about is a simple battery swap every two years.

The G-Shock Universe is equipped with the abilities of Frogman, Mudman and Rayman. Translation for those uninitiated to Master of G Universe; 200 meters of water resistance, mud resistant case construction and an electro-luminescent backlight. Also worth noting that the G-Shock Universe comes equipped with a flash alert component that notifies the wearer of an alarm (along with a buzz notification) with a flashing light. The G-Shock Universe highlights all the Master of G characters up to date. If you’re looking for a watch that actually sports all the features (or abilities) that each character embodies, look no further than the most recent releases within the Master of G collection such as the Land Mudmaster.

The G-Shock Universe is all set to be released today and will be available directly through G-Shock. The G-Shock Universe DW5600GU-7 is priced at $140. G-Shock

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