Omega Introduces New References in their Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Collection, Including One in Titanium

Omega began teasing a new watch on their social media channels in the last few days, and while it was immediately pretty clear we’d be getting a new Worldtimer of some sort, the finer details were very much left a mystery. The existing Worldtimer has become a bit of a cult favorite since its release. It has a truly useful complication, and a dial that is undeniably stunning when you see it in person. The representation of earth as viewed from above the North Pole is a worldtimer trope, and there are a lot of ways to execute it, but few brands give you the detail that Omega can. That said, the watch has always been a little on the large side, and a new colorway is always welcome. Speculation ensued that a smaller version of the Worldtimer might be hitting boutiques, but what we got instead is a material change, along with a hard lean into green, which might no longer be the color of the moment, but seems to suit this particular watch just fine. 


What we have in this release is actually a trio of new watches: two references in stainless steel (one on a bracelet, the other a strap), and a completely new version of the watch in titanium. Let’s tackle the steel watches first. These follow the same 43mm format as the existing Worldtimer (the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer, to be more precise), but substitute the familiar blue dial for one in a PVD coated green. The dials here have a light sun-brushed finish, and dial accents (hands and hour markers) are in Moonshine Gold. The green-gold combo is about as classic as it gets, but the watch still veers toward the contemporary thanks to the green ceramic bezel, which is a somewhat surprising addition given the prior version’s simple steel bezel. I think it works here, as long as you like green, because it really dials the impact of the color choice up a notch (particularly if you choose the version on a matching green rubber strap). 

What will likely be the most discussed release from this batch of Worldtimers, though, is the new reference in titanium. While a certain segment of the watch community is no doubt bummed that Omega didn’t drop the case size of the Worldtimer down a bit for this release, the addition of a titanium watch in the collection might meet some of these collectors halfway. It’s the same size as the steel, but should present much lighter on the wrist, and the gray dial with black accents give it an additional sleekness that should help it wear even a bit smaller. Omega says that the entire dial, including the detailed globe, is produced with a laser, and that it is very subtly domed to mimic the earth’s curvature. The gray tones of the inner globe section of the dials are complemented by a black ceramic bezel, and hands and hour markers have been given a black outline, but filled with lume for easy legibility in the dark. 

The new Worldtimers, like the old, are powered by Omega’s Calibre 8938, which is capable of showing you the local time across the globe at a glance. Like other modern Omega movements, this one is METAS certified, which indicates that it meets not only strict timing standards, but also resistance to extreme magnetism and fluctuations in temperature in multiple positions. All of the new Wordtimers have 150 meters of water resistance.

The new titanium Worldtimer has a retail price of $11,800. The green model in steel on a rubber strap has an asking price of $10,200, and the version on a bracelet is $10,400. More at Omega’s website right here.

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