Oris Upcycles Ocean Bound Waste In New Aquis Date

Well, this is a trend I can get on board with. It seems the word is officially out when it comes to putting ocean bound waste to proper use, that is, making watch bits and pieces of course, with the help of Swiss based #tide. We brought you a look at the Christopher Ward C60 #tide last week, and this week we’re getting our first look at the Oris Aquis Date Upcycle, highlighting the brand’s partnership with the same group. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no wrong way to use this stuff, and while Christopher Ward used it on the strap and caseback of their watch, Oris has teamed up with #tide for World Cleanup Day, featuring Oris cleanup bags made from upcycled ocean waste with which to …pick up ocean bound waste.


The Aquis Date Upcycle is being offered in both 41.5mm and 36.5mm varieties, each receiving a dial composed of recycled PET plastic, meaning each will be unique. The dial features an array of colors fusing with one another, surrounded by grey ceramic bezel. A date is placed at 6 o’clock on the dial, and while it’s in the name, it gets a bit lost here and feels an unnecessary distraction to the otherwise mesmerizing dial. 

The watch itself is only part of the story here, however, and we’ve written plenty about the Aquis over the years. From a review of the latest iteration with the Oris caliber 400, to their myriad of LEs highlighting the brands environmental efforts, to this super cool depth gauge. In addition to teaming with #tide for World Cleanup Day, Oris is taking a step further by creating their own quarterly Oris Change for the Better Days to make cleanup days more regular, and regional.

#tide has proven particularly adept at saving plastic bottles from entering the ocean, having surpassed the 15 million mark in their quest to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their recycling process is efficient, and the uses for their premium raw materials are becoming more apparent by the day as brands like Oris and Christopher Ward commit to their use. In time, such materials should be seen simply as the ante to play, and articles like this should feel an odd sight as we collectively say “no shit”. 

According to Oris, this is just the start, and they have additional projects in the pipeline with #tide, which we’ll look forward to seeing in short order. Oris’ Change for the Better ethos has been abundantly clear for the past decade plus, and the integration with a project like #tide feels all too natural. While the watches catch most of the attention, it’s worth taking a look at the packaging they are shipped and presented in, and I’d expect to see a more full circle consideration for the production of such items on future releases. 

The Oris Aquis Date Upcycle in both sizes are available now from Oris and authorized retailers for the price of CHF2,100 (~$2,300). Oris.

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