Our Most-Worn Watches of 2018 . . . So Far

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Okay, so we’ve got four more months before we cap off 2018, but I (it’s Ilya, by the way) have noticed that over the last eight months just a handful of watches have been making their way to my wrist. So I thought it’d be fun to check in with some of the Worn & Wound team to see which watches are getting the most wrist time this year. We’ll check back at the end of the year to see if the same watches are still getting all the love.

Mark McArthur-Christie (Contributor)
Sinn 356 Chronograph

The problem with being a complete watch tart is that I seldom wear a single watch for more than a day at a time. To reach a week with the same watch is unusual. So, looking back through my Instagram feed, it looks like my Sinn 356 is the closest thing to “watch most often worn.” It’s a proper job-watch; it times my runs (okay, more like my uncoordinated shambles), keeps order in meetings and even an eye on how long the roast’s been in the oven. And it’s one of the clearest dials there is, no matter what the conditions.

Allen Farmelo (Associate Editor)
Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Aeronavale

Despite the fact that I’ve owned the Aeronavale 41-millimeter for less than two months, it has already snatched up more wrist time in 2018 than any of my other watches. That’s partly because I seldom wear the same watch two days in a row, and partly because after the Aeronavale showed up I didn’t take it off for over two weeks—a rare bout of monogamy for this fickle watch-head. The blue and gilt colorway—meant to accompany a full-dress French naval uniform—has awakened my latent maritime obsessions, which, I’ll admit, are a little absurd given that I do nearly nothing of a nautical nature these days. Nonetheless, I love the vibe. Eventually, my infatuation with the colors gave way to a deeper affection for the Aeronavale’s sleek form-factor, its impeccably polished case, and, especially, its classy and curvaceous lugs. On the right Mil-Strap, this radiant and somewhat formal watch dresses down just fine, making the Aeronavale unexpectedly versatile—another reason it gets so much wrist time.


Brad Homes (Contributor)
Nomos Tangente 38

Photo by Brad Homes.

I’ve worn the Nomos Tangente 38 more than any other watch so far this year. The Tangente is a watch I have long appreciated the overall design of, but never seriously considered purchasing. Hand-winders generally don’t seem to last long as part of my collection, and neither do watches with Arabic indices. The combination of the two therefore always held me back. But at the start of the year one came up at a great price, so I decided to take the plunge and find out. It turned out to be one of the best watch purchases I’ve made in a long time. For such a simple and clean watch there are so many little things to enjoy, and surprisingly it dresses up or down incredibly well.

Ilya Ryvin (Managing Editor)
MK II Paradive

After I had posted yet another wrist shot of the Paradive, someone on Instagram (I cannot recall who it was, so if you’re reading this let me know!) commented that it had clearly become “the watch of the summer” for me. He was right, and not just the summer! It’s been my daily beater for the better part of the year. This was totally unintentional, of course. I have a habit of going long stretches of time with a single watch, and the Paradive just ended up occupying a really long stretch of wrist time. I think it’s because I’ve gotten less fussy over the past year, and as such I’ve been gravitating toward robust watches that I can bang around a bit. Plus, the Paradive is just a damn-cool looking watch, and I love that it’s sterile.

I have a feeling my recently acquired Grand Seiko ref. SBGX061 will unseat it come the end of the year (it’s what I’m wearing as I type this), but only time will tell.

Zach Weiss (Executive Editor)
Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B LE

I had to think about this one for a bit, as I rotate my watches with some regularity, but after a bit of pondering I think I know. It’s actually not a big surprise given that it came out towards the end of 2017 and was available exclusively through the (now) Windup Watch Shop: the Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B LE. Specifically, the Group B on an ADPT strap, usually Sage.

This watch has been my most worn for a few reasons. First, our collaboration LE’s hold a special place in my collection for obvious sentimental reasons. Second, the combination of the gun-metal mid-case with red index dial has a unique style that is unlike any other watch I own. It’s sporty, aggressive, and modern, but without being garish or obnoxious in any way. The light green-gray Sage ADPT strap then adds another tonal layer to the mix, making it even more stylish. Third, it’s been damn hot in NYC since May, and the Group B is super thin and super light, making it comfortable even when I’m sweating uncontrollably.

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