Pairs Well With: Nixon Time Teller


Though technically it is not summer, it sure has gotten hot quick, and time to break out the summer clothes is certainly upon us. Lighter materials, less coverage, and more casual looks pervade as we try to stay cool and imagine strolling on beaches, rather than slabs of concrete. And one look that seems to be very popular right now, at least while walking around lower Manhattan, is the sort-of retro surfer look, or vintage California-cool. And when thinking about that aesthetic, really only one brand comes to mind: Nixon.

Nixon makes lots of different watches, ranging from surprisingly expensive to amazingly cheap, and it’s their cheap watches that really continue to amaze in both style and value. In particular, their Time Teller line packs about as much bang-for-your-buck as one can find in a watch. Coming in a veritable library of materials and colors, The Time Teller sports a Japanese quartz movement, mineral crystal, 100m water resistance and a price tag of $100 or less. The specific model we chose for this edition of Pairs Well With has a gunmetal grey 39mm steel case, matching grey dial, hands and index, a shock of red for a seconds hand and a 5-stripe army green NATO strap. It’s stark, masculine, but still casual…and looks better than almost any other $75 watch we’ve seen.

Running off of the casual vintage California look and the muted, but expressive style of the Nixon, Dexter Austria of has put together a great look that can take you from the searing heat of the city during the day, to the comfortable cool of the beach at night.

pairing by Dexter Austria
words by Zach Weiss

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