Pairs Well With: Stowa Antea Small Seconds


As a follow up to the dress watch guide we put together for yesterday, this edition of Pairs Well With will be focused on one of the watches from that list, the Stowa Antea Small Seconds, and what to wear it with. So, what’s a perfect situation to wear a dress watch? How about a job interview. You are meeting a potential new boss, at a job you really think is going to be a great fit for you. You don’t get it… There are a million reasons why that could have happened, but we are about to rule one out: an inappropriate outfit or garish watch. Now, if you are genuinely looking for the how-to on dressing for an interview, head over to Styleforum’s 101 section, as they will instruct you on the right suit, shirt and shoes for a classic look that could never be taken wrong.

Here at w&w we are interested in something that might speak to our personalities better, and more importantly, the oh-so elegant looks of the Stowa Antea. Now, what’s great about the Antea is that it’s a win win. It looks great, is made by a very reputable brand with a long history, has a classic design that relates to an entire school of aesthetics and is made of high quality components…that is to say, it is a great watch by any standard. And if you wear it to an interview, either they’ll notice and say, “hey future employee, nice watch” or they’ll notice it and think to themselves, “this guy’s got good taste, I could use a guy like that”. They won’t think “hmmm… This guy is trying to showing off, and failing miserably.”

So to make the Antea shine, Dexter put together an outfit that is classic, but with a slight twist. And as always, think of the PWW as a springboard, one idea of many on how to wear this watch.

pairing by Dexter Austria

words by Zach Weiss

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