Parmigiani Tonda PF Gets New 36mm Case

Numbers aren’t everything, but in some the case of some watches, they play a bigger role in wearability than the spec sheet implies. This is particularly relevant when integrated bracelets or unusual case shapes are a part of the equation. Parmigiani’s excellent Tonda PF platform is one such example, featuring an integrated bracelet design that gradually tapers across the circumference of the wrist. The design makes for a watch that takes up a bit more area on the wrist than the diameter suggests. While we never found that watch uncomfortable by any definition, we’re thrilled to see the addition of a new 36mm variant to the collection, which might bring this watch directly into the sweet spot for many wrists. 

In our hands-on with the 40mm Tonda PF Micro-Rotor I commented on the sheer expansiveness of the dial terrain, exaggerated by the relative sterile design and the fact that the dial stretches out the very edges of the case. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but you certainly saw and felt every bit of its 40mm diameter. That’s not big, of course, but the bracelet flairs out to meet the widest point of the lug, taking up quite a bit of wrist real estate in the process. It’s a similar problem (feature?) I’ve noticed with watches like the Vacheron Constantin 222 and Bulgari Octo Finissimo.


That said, I never found myself wishing for a smaller version. It was still a very wearable watch. However, when I caught wind of a 36mm variant it immediately made sense. This move should bring the dial into the sweet spot visually while allowing for that much more flexibility in the wrist, all without losing the impact of that dial and case design. If you weren’t a fan of the original design, this probably won’t sway you (and it’s still pretty expensive), but this will be a welcome addition to anyone on the fence about this particular collection, and shows Parmigiani’s willingness to continue refining a still relatively new design language. 

The jury is still out on exactly just how different the feel on the wrist is, but we’ll be going hands-on soon so keep an eye out for our full thoughts soon. 

In moving to the slightly smaller size, this Tonda PF ditches the date window, allowing that grain d’orge guilloché to shine all on its own. This move welcomes the Parmigiani automatic caliber PF770, which provides 60 hours of reserve, and measures a scant 3.9mm in thickness, allowing for a total thickness of just 8.6mm. 

The new 36mm Tonda PF is priced from CHF18,500 in steel with a warm gray dial. The price goes up for a red gold variant (CHF49,500) and a second steel variant with diamond baguette hour markers applied (CHF24,900). That entry point is CHF4,400 less than the Micro-Rotor 40mm watch we looked at earlier. This places it a short distance north of the Octo Finissimo, though well south of watches like the 222 (only available in PM), 16202, and 5811 (also only available in PM). Still miles from anything resembling value, but unlike most of those watches, you may actually be able to source one of these. Parmigiani.

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