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Past and Present: The Story of An Unbreakable Watch, and the New G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GGB100

The first G-SHOCK was born of a simple idea — durability. Since its launch in 1983, the G-SHOCK line of watches has become synonymous with this concept due to its no-compromise approach to watch construction. Kikuo Ibe, the engineer who is credited with creating what we now know as the modern G-SHOCK, began the project with a singular goal: “I want to make a timepiece that will not break, even if dropped.” Of course, a drop would be a death sentence for mechanical watches, and 35 years ago the idea of an unbreakable watch was somewhat radical.

The key design principle behind the earliest G-SHOCK timepiece was the idea that the watch module should “float” inside a hollow structure that would be the tough exterior watch case. This way, impacts to the watch would be absorbed by the case, and the internal timekeeping components would be a step removed from the blow. In 1983, the DW-5000C was launched, with the now-iconic square case shape that was determined to be the best for impact resistance and shock absorption. Over the years, G-SHOCK has taken many forms and comes in a variety of sizes, but the original principle of a tough exterior shell that protects the more fragile elements suspended within has remained a constant.

The first-ever G-SHOCK, and Kikuo Ibe, the engineer who made it a reality.

Today, while G-SHOCK reigns supreme in the durability category, it also offers highly-specialized feature sets powered by technology. The latest in G-SHOCK’s tech-laden approach to tough tool watches is the G-SHOCK GGB100 MUDMASTER.

Designed to be easy to read and durable, with roots in military issued timepieces, the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GGB100 takes basic field watch tenets and dials them up to 11.


The traditional resin case found on most G-SHOCK timepieces was retooled into a new shock-resistant carbon core guard structure which integrates the case. An external structure capitalizes on its toughness and lightness. These two traits are further reinforced here by carbon fiber in the bezel, providing a light weight strengthening that allows the watch to be even more resistant to damage without adding a significant amount of weight. A carbon fiber sheet is inserted into the bezel between fine resin creating a triple-layered bezel to protect the watch from impacts to its front side, while the aforemntioned core guard structure of the case has been specially designed in multiple layers with gaskets and seals that are guaranteed to keep it free of dust and, of course, mud.

The GGB100 dial is a familiar mix of analog and digital elements, which G-SHOCK first introduced way back in 1989. A traditional three-hand configuration and large numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9 make the time easy to read at a glance. The LCD display on the dial’s southern hemisphere is where you’ll see a readout of the day and date, or whatever other data you need to review at a given time. The watch’s features are controlled by a set of four quite substantial pushers that protrude from the MUDMASTER’s case, but are still well protected. This is just one of the many benefits of the carbon fiber-based frame. There’s little chance of a button being dislodged, even under the most severe impact.

On the technical side, the MUDMASTER uses a quad-sensor that provides a variety of vital information to the owner. Data from the compass, altimeter/barometer, step counter, and temperature gauge are available at the push of a button. And the MUDMASTER GGB100 syncs via Bluetooth to your phone, so in addition to manual adjustments being made as easy as opening the G-SHOCK app, the watch can essentially call up its entire history — every outing, hike, and expedition. The MUDMASTER GGB100 becomes more than a rough and tumble timepiece, it’s a log of every adventure you take it on. And if that was not enough, while you’re planning your next adventure, if you happen to misplace your smartphone, there’s a handy Phone Finder function, so, within a certain distance, you can locate your smartphone, even if it’s in manner mode. 

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